Little Dog, Big City

photoDogs aren’t just for the folks with cozy neighborhood houses and big back yards.  City folk too enjoy the friendly companionship that our four-legged friends have to offer. But, you may be concerned with the small space an urban apartment or condo has to offer an active critter such as your pup. Well, there are some ways you can help your pup get along just as well when you’re in the big city.

A cozy home

Not all pups are born in the big city, and some have moved there from quiet homes with big yards, so the difference may be a little confusing at first. Sounds will be different, and so will the lighting. These differences will take some getting used to, so be sure that you pay attention to how your pup acts and feels about their new home, too.

Making sure your pup gets exercise

Now that you’re in the big city, a good romp through the yard isn’t like it used to be. So, now you have to make sure that old Blue gets out and stretches his legs on a regular basis. Apartments and condos don’t have enough room to really get a pup their much needed exercise to keep them in shape, so a regular walk is necessary. If you’re new to the area, you’ll want to find a good area that is safe for the both of you and well lit. Parks are a good location, usually full of activity and people that add to the fun. Do try to avoid nighttime and mid-day walks, though. The late afternoon or early morning would be the best times so that you can avoid scorching your pup’s paws on hot cement. For those that are strapped for time, there are professional pet service companies that will help you with this important task.

What about potty time?

This is probably going to be the biggest concern of most big city pup owners. Unlike the folks with a yard, we can’t leave the doggy door open for old Blue to run out and do his business when the time is right. There are grass litter boxes available to help with the big city situation. Instead of having to worry about whether or not you’re going to have a present on the floor when you get home, it might be a good idea to set up a grass litter box for easy access throughout the day so you and your dog can be worry free.

Finding time to play

The most fun part of the city life is of course- play time. We humans enjoy running around and playing with our companions. Since a yard is out of the question, a nearby park can make our outdoor activities just as fun (especially if there are other friends around).

When your pup stays at home, it is important to keep them occupied so they don’t get bored and decide your pillow makes a great chew toy. Plenty of activities should be available, such as the fun Kong toys that keep a pup occupied and some rawhide bones to keep their teeth clean. Not only is this fun time, but it’s exercise time, too.

The most important part of having fun in the big city is to play with your pup. Pups are there for companionship, and even though you’re in the big city and it doesn’t seem like there is much you and your faithful friend can do together, you always have each other to play with.

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