Massaging Your Dog

The bond you share with your pup is special; it is something that is reinforced by time and respect. There are many things you can do to spend time with your four-legged friend, like a walk in the park or a game of fetch. But after all that exercise, sometimes it is nice to get a good massage. Not only for you, but your doggy enjoys them as well.

Relaxing and bonding time

photoSpending a few minutes relaxing your pup can help with many things. Anxiety can cause unsettlement in a pup when they know something is going on. Even though you may not be aware of it, dogs know when you are about to leave, or even when they are going to the groomers or vet. Giving your pup a nice massage can calm them and relieve stress. Plus it helps build that bond between the two of you.

Rub your pups coat gently, letting your fingers move their skin around in soft circular motions. Just petting your pup does not loosen their muscles, your fingers rubbing against their flesh is quite relaxing, the same as it is on a human. Starting close to the ears, you can relieve the stress often associated with car sickness (motion sickness). Since the inner ear controls balance and direction, a pup often loves it when you massage the neck and ear area. Just be careful if your doggy has had some ear infections recently, as that may only cause discomfort. Another massage favorite is the chest area. Laying your pup on their side, you can lift their foreleg up and stretch their legs apart. Then you can begin to rub their chest in a clockwise motion. Do not rub the other direction because the clockwise motion is necessary. It is the direction that their circulatory system flows and helps to assist the blood flow. This particular massage stimulates their heart and lung area, keeping your pup healthy and happy.

The paw massage

Another favorite that can ease the stress of clipping toenails, is the paw massage. It is similar to a hand massage for humans, and has the same relaxing effect. You start out by spreading their pads and toes apart and rubbing each individually. Rub gently, so that you do not hurt them or cause discomfort. This stimulates blood flow into the paw, keeping their pads healthy and strong. You can take advantage of the situation to inspect their pads for sores or other problems. If you can you may sneak in a quick nail clipping (some pups don’t like this). After you’ve finished rubbing their pads, hold their paw in your hand for a few seconds and then release. This massage can be one of your pup’s favorites as it is very calming. Some pups don’t like you messing with their feet though, so be careful with this technique.

So next time you and your pup got a little bit of time to spend together, give him a good massage to ease his stress. With a good healthy pup by your side, you two can enjoy a great life together.

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