May We All Honor Our Gift of Freedom

I planned to write a post about the many fun activities that we can participate because of those who have sacrificed so much and the importance of honoring their memory most especially today, Memorial Day 2010.

Then, I came across this video which is also about FREEDOM but much different than what I originally had planned for this post.

I hope you enjoy it. Realize we all have unique gifts.  Say thank you to those who have served.  For the families who have lost someone, keep them in your thoughts. Hug your family.  Hug your dog.  And, really savor every moment of today – focusing completely on all the gifts we truly have.  For the ones we take for granted are the ones that someone yearns for…enjoy.

Gratitude to Surf Dog Ricochet for sharing this inspirational video – thank you!

1 thought on “May We All Honor Our Gift of Freedom”

  1. Your dog Ricochet is awesome, but there is an organization that can use your help. The name of the organization is “Pets for Vets.” They rehabilitate dogs from shelters and pair them with veterans with combat trauma.

    They are a non-profit and really could use your help raising money. They are located in California too!

    Shelter dogs need a second chance, and so do our veterans who serve our country so faithfully. Please Please Please consider this one.

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