MayDay for Mutts: A Fight to Eliminate Canine Discrimination

To shine a light on the millions of dogs entering U.S. animal shelters every year, Karen Derrico, the author behind the book Unforgettable Mutts: Pure of Heart Not of Breed, has found this first Sunday in May as National Mayday for Mutts.

This event is being made possible by various animal shelters, humane organizations and pet-related businesses.  These groups are promoting the adoption of dogs that are a mixed-breed.  All of these events will happen during the whole month of May – so, while yesterday was the “official” day – the entire month is focused on bringing awareness to the need to adopt mix-breed dogs (lovingly called Mutts!)

All animal shelters participating in the awareness campaign will present certificates of “100% Pure Mutt” to future pet owners.

Mayday for Mutts is indeed an amazing effort to eradicate discrimination toward mixed breed dogs.  The hope is to wipe out the current misconceptions by the public regarding mixed-breeds.  The “Mayday” event is happening concurrently during the first day of Be Kind To Animals Week, a separate event founded by the American Humane Association.

Besides promoting the necessary information about mutts, this day also aims to encourage the adoption of grown-up and disabled dogs.  The campaign basically aims to put an end to all types of canine discrimination.  The vision is that pet owners will be open to the fact that each dog in this planet, may it be purely bred or mutt, old or young, is worthy of the equal treatment and opportunity to belong in a caring shelter and environment.

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