National Homeless Pet Day, Sat., August 21

Saturday marks the annual National Homeless Pet Day, and even large retailers, like PETCO, honor the day with their National Adoption Weekend kicking off this Friday, August 20th.

photoHelping Out Homeless Pets without Having to Spend a Fortune

Animal welfare organizations have suffered massively due to economic recession as there are less people capable of donating financial assistance to them.  Simultaneously, animal pet shelters have been a witness in the growing number of pets being handed over to them as more families experience job loss and sometimes even lose of their own homes.  Considering these circumstances, people can still help out homeless pets in their own special ways without having to spend any money.

Simple, yet needs someone to do it

In fact, there is one of the simplest things you can do in order to help homeless pets that will only involve just few clicks on your computer.  There are specific websites created that aim to address this advocacy, particularly  This website intends to raise funds through web advertisers.  You can simply click on the button every day to help generate funds in providing care for animal shelters.  In addition, the site has been launched in collaboration with that has sponsored $100,000 shelter challenge, highlighting winners every week and the grand prize of $100,000.  Another search engine, has also helped by donating the proceeds of every search to dog charities.  There are also companies that offer opportunities to vote for numerous animal rescue organizations to earn grant money for their shelters. Or, to donate just from purchasing products your pet needs anyway, like at the  Petritionals Pet Rescue Fund.  Indeed, it is a fast and easy way of helping homeless pets and animal charities all over the world without spending a fortune.

Also, sharing these sites – passing them along to your contacts – friends and family members will help with awareness which is important to any fundraising and “friend”raising.

You can also save towels and old bed sheets if you are trying to clean out your closets and getting organized.  Simply drop them off in the shelters as these items can truly be used by animal pet shelters in addition to their existing bedding.  This will not only help you get rid of the clutter you have at home, but it is a big help for homeless pets, too.

You may also opt to save old newspapers as well and donate them to the nearest local shelter in your vicinity.  A lot of animal pet shelters and rescue organizations make use of old newspapers to line enclosures and sometimes cut them for kittens and puppies use.  Moreover, the coupons featured in Sunday newspapers that you do not plan to use can also be used by non-profit organizations.

By simply donating your time in these small ways, animal pet shelters will be more blessed with both financial aid and resources.  If you have more time to give or know of a group that could donate time and talent, these organizations also welcome volunteers to assist them in cleaning, walking, and socializing with dogs among the many other tasks they can do. A few hours of your time in a week can make a difference!

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