Natural Remedies for Dogs

A lot of dog owners are uncomfortable using prescription drugs to treat their pet’s ailments, especially when it comes to skin or coat issues.  The reason for this is mainly because the owner prefers something more natural and less chemical.

Holistic vets are very popular for the same reasons.  They usually try other homeopathic, or natural, herbal remedies before moving on to the prescription medications only when the chosen alternative fails.  Side effects are another consideration in choosing natural remedies.

Natural dog shampoos and conditioners contain the same ingredients that natural human shampoos and conditioners do. The same hold true for skin care. natural products are primarily herbal, containing such things as oatmeal, chamomile, lavender oil, aloe vera, olive oil, and grape seed extracts. They often contain Echinacea and natural forms of Vitamins C, D and E. These natural products are usually far superior to traditional over the counter products and medications in that they leave the skin and coat soft and supple. They also rinse easily, leaving no soapy residue which can dry the skin and cause itching or even allergic reactions.

Many of the natural remedies also cause a natural calming or soothing effect, not only for hot spots for example, but for the general overall effect it has on relieving stress or anxiety the dog feels during bath or treatment. They are also very popular in stress reducing aromatherapies and come in sprays, topical creams and ointments as well as shampoos cleansers and conditioners.

You can even find flea, tick, dewormers and heartworm remedies in natural forms. These treatments are safe for puppies as well as adult dogs. One thing to remember when using these products in their natural form is that it is on a continual basis, as opposed to the more traditional remedies that are only used every two to three months. The more natural approach is gentler and easier on a dog’s digestive tract.

A very popular herbal remedy for high strung or over stressed dogs is the Bach flower. While not all emotional or stress issues are completely controlled by the flower, it is a very safe remedy and there is no concern about accidental overdose or injury. The easiest and most commonly used form of the Bach flower is liquid.

There are herbal remedies for ear infections, especially in those dogs with long droopy ears where chronic ear infections are a fact of life. For some dogs, the treatment may span a few months, but even the most troublesome are eventually cleared.

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