Obsessed Dogs – Is There Such a Thing?

photoDoes it seem that sometimes your pup is stalking you? There seems to be no place you can go that your pup does not follow. In the bathroom- your pup lays at the door and waits. Trying to leave for work and your pup is at the door- trying to prevent you from leaving. These characteristics make it seem that your pup is perhaps a little obsessed with you. For many owners, this may seem like an annoyance, but the truth is it is because your pup loves you- a lot- and they are suffering from a bit of separation anxiety.


These obsessions can be common in most pups- to some degree. A pup following you around the house and sitting in the same room with you is not unhealthy. They simply want to be around the person they love- it’s only natural. Problems may arise when you can’t leave because your pup is hounding you or won’t leave your side and you find it difficult to get through doors because they are right there with you. Sometimes pups may even tackle you when you first arrive home and won’t leave your side until you force them away. These characteristics can be annoying, but the truth is they are actually symptoms of something more.

Stress and anxiety?

If your pup is over-obsessed with you to these extremes, they are more than likely suffering from separation anxiety. It is not only hard for them to leave your side- their body and mind becomes stressed when you aren’t around. Their heart races and they begin to worry or get depressed. This will often be followed by lack of eating, overeating and most likely- destruction. Chewing and clawing at doors, or tearing up things that carry your scent (shoes, clothes, and remote controls) are often primary targets for a pup suffering from anxiety. This is not to spite you from leaving them or their own wrath manifested through destruction- it is them coping with the stress.

Fortunately, not all forms of obsession are this intense. Genuinely, a dog is man’s best friend and follows through the best they know how. Some pups are more friendly than others after all, personalities differ from person to person, so why not the same for dogs? Light obsessions such as a wagging tail when you arrive home, or them waiting for you and meeting you when you get home from work are not harmful in any way. Characteristics such as being excited to see you when you arrive home- but vanish after a few moments and greetings are not harmful in any way and are quite common.

Obsession- is it possible that pups are guilty of this? If your four legged companion is guilty of wanting to be with you then yes. There are extremes to obsession- situations that can be harmful for your pup to endure, but most are generally symptoms of a happy pup that loves you. These are the obsessions of a being that adores you and wants- quite simply- to make your life a happy experience.

What can I do? Is my Dog Obsessed?

If I take a bath/shower my dog will sit outside the door or if I happen to enter a room and close the door she will sit outside of it. Should I choose to step outside the front door, she will either lie quietly by the door or she will jump in the blinds and watch me or pace back and forth in front of the window until I come in. I simply can not go anywhere without her underfoot. I seriously think she is obsessed with me. My question is: Can dogs be obsessed with their owners?

Even though you find it worrisome, it warms my heart…she loves her mom. I have seen dogs sitting in front of a home, watching their favorite child walk to school, so the behavior itself isn’t unheard of. Does she eventually walk away and do other things, or is she still in the window when you return home? I would worry if she didn’t drink any water or chew her toys while you are away. We had a dog who’d whine when he saw us leave. He grew out of it as he became older, but some dogs never do. When their owner leaves, they don’t know for how long, and they worry that it may be too long. They want to be with the owner always. It is touching, yet on the other hand it can be bothersome. Have you talked to your vet? I would certainly ask a vet and see what they say. I think a lot of animals suffer from separation anxiety. I think it shows the depth of the love and loyalty an animal can and will have for their owners.

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  1. I have a 3 yo dachshund who I inherited when my mother died in March 2014. Since then he (Carlos) has become obsessed with me, he goes wherever I go, whichever room I am in he lays down and goes to sleep, sometimes he will actually sleep in the doorway so that he would wake if I tried to leave the room. When I have a shower or go to the bathroom, he sits outside the door till I come out. He is so bad that if I am going in and out the back door or my room putting things away etc he will go back and forth with me, a few times he has gotten so much under foot he has almost tripped me over. He has a special spot on the lounge next to my chair when we are all watching tv and he will push his way onto my lap even if its only half way, ie his head in my lap and the rest of his body on the armrest. If I sit in the recliner in the family room he tries to jump on my lap. If I put him outside, when he is finished his business he will lay right in front of the back door after barking first (I dont let him in as soon as he barks as I dont want him to get used to it). I am on holidays at the moment (a school teacher) and my son will be starting college in a month and my husband works so it will be back to having to leave him outside till one of us comes home. It even got to the point my husband was almost jealous, Carlos sleeps in his own bed in my room (my husband and I have separate rooms due to his medical condition). He was the same with my mum and when she got sicker towards the end I was over there regularly cleaning cooking and you guessed it feeding and petting Carlos. Should I be worried that he is so obsessed with me? I must admit it is quite nice that he seems to love me so much or do I just remind him of my mum? I love him dearly and cuddle him often. I was devastated when he recently got sick and we could have lost him only 9 months after losing mum.

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