I awoke to find that my afternoon sun had moved away from my bay window. It always seems to do that. I get all comfortable and warm, and when I finally doze off, that annoying sun has to go and move to the next room. All I can do is move with it, I guess.

As I make my way from the dining room and into the living room, I notice some strange sounds from below me. The hallway is dark, but I’m sure that something is here with me. I sniff the floorboards, searching for the strange difference that has presented itself. When my nose argues against what my ears tell me, I decide I must investigate further. The hallway is usually well lit, the light from the kitchen at the other end is usually on, but something is in the way today. A door? What an odd place to put one, but then I notice that the door is actually open to another room, but closing off the kitchen for now. Well, not all the way. I can still squeeze through if I wanted to, but this new room has me intrigued for the moment.

I sniff the cold, damp air that is in there. It smells dusty and pungent, proving an excellent opportunity to get a little dirty. My paws and nails click as they hit each wooden step, and down into this strange dungeon I go. When I reach the bottom, I notice the old man has beaten me to my exploration rights. It looks like he’s putting the tree from upstairs into a box. He struggles to pack it into the box along with all those pretty lights and toys that were on it. But there are more boxes and things down here besides just the tree. The old man must keep all sorts of toys and things down here. I’ll just have to check it out and make sure they’re all safe (and maybe play with a few to make sure they still work).

The old man doesn’t seem to pay me any mind as I start rummaging through a few boxes that are underneath some old tables. I can’t get to the ones on top, so I’ll just have to take care of these ones first. Inside the second box, there’s some smaller boxes, an old ball and leather glove (chew toy? I think maybe so). But what I like is the paper. It smells funny, like another animal. I pull some out to inspect it. When it seems fine, I dive in for some more. That’s when I find the coolest toys of all. Two little critters scamper around at the bottom of the box, like a couple of bouncy balls that were thrown into a small room.

“Hey, old man!” I bark excitedly. “Check this out!”

The tree falls to the ground, still only about halfway in the box. The old man hurries to my side, almost as excited as I am. At least until he sees what’s in the box. Apparently he doesn’t like this kind of toy. That’s okay. I’ll play with them if he doesn’t want them.

I pull the box over so that we can get to the rascals. They scamper out and scurry around on the floor. While the old man is hollering and jumping around (maybe he does like to play with these – I’ve never seen him so excited), I give chase. The two critters go different ways, so I pursue one, and the old man chases the other. Mine manages to get to another box, and enters a small hole at the bottom. I enter the big hole at the top. There’s more paper in here, which prevents me from seeing, but my nose still works well, regardless. I find the critter and pin it to the floor. It’s warm and squeaky, and even the little tail at the end of it wiggles like a wind-up toy.

I tell the old man that I’ve got mine, and it looks like he’s got his. That leather glove toy apparently made a good critter catching mitt. He smiled as he held his with one hand, and pulled me out of the box with the other. My critter! But the old man was fast. He picked the box up and dropped his own catch in with the other. I could hear them both scampering around the box excitedly.

“Good job,” I tell the old man. “What now? Do you want to do it again?”


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own Rocky Adventures.

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