Over The Top Active?

Adult dogs that are noisy and hyperactive are that way because they are untrained and have been unintentionally encouraged to behave like that. Unfortunately, they’re also punished for being energetic and enthusiastic, which is unnecessary. Hyperactivity in your dog can be photocontrolled and channeled through proper outlets.

Helpful commands

Basic commands like sit and lie down are very effective solutions for almost all canine behavior problems. Instead of telling him, “No, no, no!” whenever he does something that annoys you, ask your dog to lie down, then praise and reward him for doing so. Lying down and misbehaving
are mutually exclusive; your pet cannot do both at the same time.

Instead of feeding your dog from a bowl, weigh out his kibble in the morning and use individual pieces as rewards and lures during plenty of five-second training breaks throughout the day. Practice in every room of your home, in the car (while stopped), and on walks. Pause every 25 yards and ask your puppy to perform a series of body positions, e.g. sit, down, sit, stand, down, stand. You’ll have a completely different dog in only a couple of days.

Reward and reinforce

Simple reward training strategies work wonders with uncontrollable canines. Hold a piece of kibble in your hand. Don’t give it to your dog; just stand perfectly still and watch what he does. He’ll most likely go through his entire range of behaviors, but eventually he will sit or lie down.
When he does, praise him and offer the kibble. Then take a huge step to “reactivate” your dog and stand still with another piece of kibble in your hand.

Repeat the process until your dog sits or lies down immediately after you take a step, and gradually increase the time delay before giving the kibble. Do this exercise room to room. When walking your pet, stand still every 25 yards and wait for him to sit or lie down, then praise him and continue walking. Soon your dog will be calmer and a lot more attentive.

To be fair to your pooch, make sure he has sufficient opportunity to let off steam in an acceptable manner. Enroll him in flyball or agility classes. Play fetch with Frisbees and tennis balls in the park. Have an official block of “crazy time” – train your dog to jump on cue or play tag with him around the house.

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