Pet Appreciation Week Video

Thank you to our amazing pet owners and their fabulous dogs! 🙂

From owner, Kimm:

Burnahrd is a 7 year old rescued dog that won my heart when he was a year old.  He lost his left back leg due to abuse by his former owner.  Maighie is a 2 year old rescued dog that started out as a foster and decided to stay with us.  She lost her right front leg and shoulder by getting caught in her former owner’s garage door.  It took about 6 months for Burnahrd to start playing with Maighie but now they are fast friends!

From owner, Jillian:

River is very special to me though and I try to show my appreciation to her every day! I love training her and teaching her tricks, going on walks, taking her out to visit people and anywhere I can take her, she loves playing, I make sure her bed is comfortable … See Moreand warm (with a heating pad when needed), and I always take some time to let her relax on my lap! I always say, “She is a very spoiled dog, but she deserves it.” 🙂

From owner, Jill:

Dexter loves his porch potty and his new shoes. We are very blessed to have him, he is a rescue and is 19 months old

From owner, Maria:

I love Rocky!  He’s the other “boy” in my house and my four-legged son! :)  He is always joy-filled and filled with care and happiness.

From dog, Casper:

I, too, look forward to sitting and relaxing with my mom beside me….but hard to pin her down! I particularly like to ‘chew’ on the back of her hand….I think she likes it…I just hope that I am not hurting her too much! I do ‘talk’….here I am ‘talking’ to you!

With love to all of our dogs! 🙂

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