Phoebe – Featured Dog of the Week


Phoebe’s photo was sent to us via Twitter this week and is she not just the cutest! Who can resist those big beautiful eyes? Phoebe is a hyper and happy French Bulldog. We’re excited to share her with you as our Featured Dog of the Week!

Jeannette (Phoebe’s owner) shares:

“Phoebe started using the porch potty as a pup. She doesn’t like snow at all and would refuse to go out in the snow. so I definitely had to find something she could use for a potty during the winter. We tried pee pads but she would chew them instead of using them. Then, I found your site and decided to give it a shot. It truly was a life saver because she immediately used it. It was nice not to have to worry about her peeing all over the house in the winter. It is also nice to know that if we run late to let her out she has her little porch potty right there for her.”

Jeannette Rodriguez
Chicago, Illinois

If you have a picture of your dog and want to share your story, post it to the Fan Page. Each week we vote for cutest dog to place on the homepage. So snap those pictures, and send em in. We love cute dogs. Who doesn’t?

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