Porch Potty Benefits The Elderly

The Porch Potty is the only self-cleaning canine grass litter box on the market. Available in different sizes for different breeds, it provides a clean grass area on the porch, patio, or even indoors. Not only is the Porch Potty ideal for apartment dwellers, it’s also great for elderly dog owners and canines.

If you’re an elderly person who cannot take your dog outside or if you have a senior citizen pooch that has difficulty walking long distances, the Porch Potty is the perfect solution. With the Porch Potty, there’s no need to head outside every time Fido has to go to the bathroom. There’s also no need to wake up early or go for a walk late at night.

photoThe Porch Potty comes with realistic, synthetic grass and a scented fire hydrant that will encourage your dog to use the box and give him something to aim at. The built-in drainage system includes a removable catch basin for indoors and a 14-ft. drain hose for outdoors.

Cleaning the Porch Potty is easy and hassle-free. For the Standard model, simply pour two gallons of water over the grass 2-4 times a week. This minimal routine is enough to keep the grass fresh and free of odors. The Premium model makes things even easier by offering a fully automated rinse and drain system that employs embedded sprinklers and an optional water timer.

Having the Porch Potty means not having to take your dog out several times a day and not having to spend hours cleaning up. Fido simply has to walk a few steps to the Porch Potty and relieve himself there whenever he pleases. The Porch Potty is the most convenient potty box for elderly owners and dogs.

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