Prepare For Summer Safety

The sun is out, the summer is hot, and your canine companion is panting in the heat. Summer’s official start was just yesterday, Tuesday, June 21st!   Trying to keep your pup safe from the heat can be a pain on its own. But there are other dangers that the summer brings for your four-legged friend. Chemicals, insects and even a cool swimming pool can prove a hazard to your pup’s well-being.


Pools are dangerous

Around the house, pools can be a danger to your doggy in a number of ways. The pool itself can prove a water hazard to some pups that can’t swim well and fall in. The edge may be too difficult to achieve, and steps may not be available to get out. Make sure that your pup stays away from the danger zone. Maintaining a pool requires chemicals that are poisonous in concentrated doses. Chlorine tablets and other detergents need to stay out of your pup’s reach. Some of the newer pools now use a salt solution to maintain the water. It’s overall much safer, but if your pup begins to drink far too much of it, it can result in dehydration and or salt poisoning. Something that serious would have to be treated by a veterinarian.

Fleas, ticks and worms

Outside your home, bugs and insects of all sorts come with the season. Fleas and ticks are a nuisance that every pet owner is familiar with. These nasty rascals can be quite annoying, carrying dangerous diseases and can make your pup scratch with a fierceness.  Mosquitoes can carry the dreaded heartworm disease that is plenty bad for a canine. There are several different types of preventatives for insects that include food supplements and topical solutions. Get with a veterinarian and find out what kind of repellants would be best for you doggy.


Getting sunburn is common for us humans, but dogs can get burnt as well. Sensitive areas like the tip of their nose and ears are vulnerable to the sun. There are special sun-screens for pups that are safe for the PH level of their skin. Do not leave your sunscreen around for your pup to get though. Licking small amounts off your skin won’t hurt them, but in large quantities, the chemicals in sunscreen can do lots of internal damage to your companion.

Overall, keep your eye on your pup during the summer, make sure he doesn’t get to hot, and is as comfortable as you. Stay cool and keep the dangers out of reach for your mischievous pal.

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