Protecting Your Pooch From Theft

photoWe don’t regularly think about it, but there is always the underlying fear that someone would pup-nap your beloved canine. This happens far more often than you might think, and usually when you least expect it. A pup isn’t an item to be stolen, but some people don’t think about how much it actually affects an owner- sometimes financially, but mostly emotionally. It is always important to protect your pup from the possibility of pup-napping, and you need to consider some things to avoid and precautions to take.

Situations to avoid

When walking your pup, make sure that they stay on their leash. Although some romance movies display a situation where a runaway dog leads someone to their true love, this is not what happens in real life. A wandering pup is much more likely to grab the attention of a potential thief.

Try to avoid displaying information regarding your pup to strangers, even if they too have a pup. Offering info on the financial value or breed of your pup can stimulate the thought of theft, especially as some of our four-legged friends can cost a pretty penny.

When you let your pup out for potty time or simply to play, make sure you check on them regularly. Make yourself seen actively with your pup, especially if you have a visible yard. Thieves can easily lure a pup out with a tasty steak or morsel.

Something that you should never do is leave your pup in a vehicle. Not only is this a target for thieves, but it is quite unkind. Also when shopping, don’t tie your pup up outside. That is just asking for a passerby to pick the leash up and walk off with your best friend.


Technology allows us some fancy devices these days, and one of them is the micro-chip for dog tracking. Because collars and tags can be easily removed, finding your pup without ID tags can be difficult. With tracking chips, recovery centers can easily track your dog with GPS locators and recover your pup quickly. This is a great deterrent for thieves, and sometimes simply telling others this will keep your dog out of the hands of puppy-nappers.

Another precaution to take is to always have an updated photo of your pup. Pictures are of course worth a thousand words, and can make the difference between loosing and finding your pup. Pass out flyers and use the internet too. Using your pup’s photo gets their picture displayed to anyone and everyone across the internet- including someone trying to sell your pup on another website.

Something to consider is getting your pup spayed or neutered as this will help keep them from exploring and seeking a romantic escapade. This may not be for everyone as some people still want their pup to have their own puppies.

Always remember that training a pup is essential to owning a pup, and it decreases the likelihood of a thief being able to coax your pup to them. A well trained dog will not be as likely to respond to a stranger.

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