Puppy Training Party

When your four-legged friend first enters your life, we know how important it is to train them properly. Aside from potty training, we need to influence their behaviors to help them become as likeable to others as they are to us. Of course, few couldn’t help but adore your pup’s wagging tail, but your pup isn’t always up for talking to strangers (and you didn’t even have to tell him). During a pup’s early months, the relationship they build with other people will affect how they will behave when out in public.

This leads us to the puppy training party. This is a positive situation that will help your pup adjust to people. Not all dogs are naturally friendly with everyone, which is why it is important to introduce them to others at an early age.

What this party is begins with a few friends of yours. Family members can join in, but make sure that you have a few new faces and hands that your pup can familiarize with. Since you want to express individuality, have your friends dress very differently, such as hats and purses of various kinds. This helps your pup associate with the style and looks of many different people.

A place to party

Choose a place that is neutral to your pup. You don’t want them in defense mode as they try to protect their den and family from intruders. Best place to start may be a unoccupied park (not a dog park with distractions) or out in your yard where things are familiar, but not necessarily territorial. Another thing to remember is that everything should be well lit. You don’t want anybody in the shadows where they may appear intimidating to your pup. This should allow your pup to meet his new friends without wanting to play the instinctive guard dog (plus it gives everyone some room to play and interact).

Party manners

Now keep in mind that some basic training skills will help the situation strongly. Pawing or jumping up on people shouldn’t be allowed at the party. The purpose here is to socialize and teach your pup proper manners around groups of other people. Even if they are happy to meet these people, they shouldn’t be allowed to jump upon them out of eagerness for a treat. You may confirm this by ignoring them, rather than punishing them or pushing them down, especially since you want your pup to develop a positive relationship with people.

Time to party

When your guests do arrive, it’s important to avoid a mass of hands seeking a hold of that furry rascal. Introductions should be one at time. Go about this by putting your pup’s instincts to work. Have each person hand-feed some regular dog food to your pup when introduced. It teaches your pup that hands are friends and shouldn’t be attacked or bitten. As your pup becomes more familiar with each person, they can gently touch and pet, starting with the collar area. Try to avoid places where your pup can’t see what their hands are doing. Make sure you avoid anybody using intimidating actions towards your pup. Most pups don’t like it if you cover their eyes (if you’re trying to pet their head from an elevated position) or touch their hindquarters when they aren’t looking. Keep every action clearly visible to your pup to avoid startling them. The last thing you want to do is scare your pup during his party.

One thing to keep in mind is not to force your pup to allow someone he does not seem to like, for instance- if he is growling and cowering profusely, since it will only leave them despising the person or persons. Wait until your pup is ready to get comfortable with them, not the other way around. Take things slow until everyone is ready to have fun. After all, it is their party.

It is important for your pup to socialize at an early age, or they may end up with behavioral problems later down the road. Throw a puppy training party for your faithful friend to ensure that they get along with others as well as they do with you. With the help of some good friends, your pup can learn to appreciate more than just you and your family.

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