Rain, Rain, Go Away – Exercise Another Day?

photoWhile most people do care if it’s raining, some don’t. And while most dogs don’t care if it’s raining, some do!

Exercising in the rain can be enjoyable and feel nice. However, there are some things you should take into account to make the session safe and fun for both you and your canine companion.

* Avoid roadways. Sometimes people drive crazy in wet weather. You can also get splashed when cars go over puddles. Stick to shaded trails where there are trees to protect you and your pooch from the rain.

* Wet feet are more prone to blisters, so consider purchasing some moisture wicking socks. Other items that will help keep you drier are waterproof shirts, shorts, and lightweight jackets.

* Don’t forget about your dog! If he’s not too keen on being in the rain, you may want to get a doggy raincoat for him. That’s right, they make them and in different styles and colors, too. Also, if your pooch won’t go out to relieve himself during rainy weather, a doggy raincoat may be worth the investment.

* If there are any signs of thunder and/or lightning, then it’s time to go back home. Getting struck by lightning may be rare but it does happen. Don’t take a chance. Also, a lot of dogs are scared by the sound of thunder.

* Have a towel ready by the door for when you return to your home. Dry your dog off right away, unless you want him to run around the house dripping puddles everywhere.

Walking and running in the rain is refreshing and can be plenty of fun if you’re prepared! My own dog loves playing in the rain and getting muddy and wet. He does, however, hate the bath that follows.

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