Random Acts of Kindness Week Begins February 14

photoThis year, February 14 to 20 is Random Acts of Kindness Week. To inspire you, here is a true story about a series of random acts of kindness.

Seth, who lives in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Oakland, had just pulled into his driveway one evening when he noticed an unfamiliar vehicle parked near his house. As he got out of his car, the driver came running up to him. He told Seth that he had seen a black Labrador Retriever running across the street and he was worried that the dog might get hit by a car. He asked Seth to help him catch the Lab, and the two men set off.

At one point the driver said he could no longer stay around, so Seth followed the dog by himself. Meanwhile, Seth’s wife told their next door neighbors what was going on, and their teenage granddaughter joined in the pursuit. In the end, the Lab came into Seth’s yard and they closed the gate. The dog was awfully frightened at first, but calmed down after a while and became very friendly.

Later, the driver came back to Seth’s house to see if they had found the Lab. He gave Seth his name and phone number in case they wanted to contact him for more help. He also provided a list of places they could call to locate the owner from the number on the dog tags.

Seth’s next door neighbors decided to take the Lab in for the night. The next morning, they called around to see if the dog could be traced by his tags. One of the animal shelters provided the name of the possible owner. The owner, who had been in contact with the shelters as well, arrived to pick up his dog that afternoon. Needless to say, the Lab was extremely excited to see his owner.

Fortunately, the lost Labrador was taken care of by good people who made an effort to locate his owner. Thanks to the random acts of kindness by the worried driver, Seth, and Seth’s neighbors, dog and owner were reunited.

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