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photoVacation time is here for both you and your pup. Finding a place to stay that will pamper both you and your four-legged friend isn’t as difficult as it used to be. More hotels have become pup-aware and understand how important our pets are to us. These hotels and resorts are not only pet-friendly, but offer your pup an enjoyable experience that the two of you can share.

Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas Nevada

This resort appeals to the entertainment demands of people from all over the world. Shows, lights, and of course casinos can attract anybody seeking an entertaining vacation. But what about an adventure for your pup? THEhotel is an entity that appeals directly to dog owners. This hotel is part of the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and enjoys pampering to your pup. As soon as you walk into your hotel room, treats await your pup. The hotel offers its own eco-friendly water bowl and a special menu for your pup to choose meals from. The diet is designed to keep your pup’s health in mind, so that you can ensure that your pup is well taken care of.

Loews hotels In Miami Florida

Looking for a location close to the beach? Loews hotels in Miami, Florida not only cater to people- Dogs are also on their guest list. This chain of hotels appeals to your pup’s nature with their own bed, treats, food and water bowls, and even their own menu. Designated walking areas are set up to ensure your pup’s safety as you navigate the facility. They even offer a special “Woofie Weekends” package for you and your pup’s next visit. This is a great place for rest while you and your pup’s vacation take you to the beach for an enjoyable afternoon.

W Hotels in Dallas Texas

Looking to stay near your next sporting event, W Hotel in Dallas, Texas offers a place for you and your pet to kick back and relax while you enjoy your stay. As soon as you check in, your pup receives a treat and a toy. In your room, your pup has their own special bed to sleep in and water and food bowls for their use. Treats are even left during their turn-down service. The hotel will even arrange for your pup to be walked or offer puppy-sitting if you need to run some errands. The hotel is focused on ensuring your pet has an enjoyable experience during their stay.

Hotels like these are oriented around making you comfortable, by making your pup comfortable. These hotels understand that ensuring that your pup is well taken care of will inevitably mean that you will enjoy your own stay. Offering the basic needs such as food, exercise and a place for your pup to sleep is important in ensuring that the experience is comfortable for your pup. Extras such as treats and toys are a bonus and can add “Zaz” to the experience. A good pup oriented hotel is not only pet-friendly, they treat the pup as a guest at their hotel too.

These are not the only hotels that pamper to your pup. As pet-friendly experiences gain in popularity, more businesses in the industry are beginning to make efforts to appeal to pet owners. The expanding horizon of pet-oriented atmospheres is making it easier for pup’s and their owners to enjoy time away from home and experience a wonderful vacation together.

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