Porch Potty: Rocky Adventure
Porch Potty: Rocky Adventure

Stretching is my primary concern at the moment. It feels so nice to wiggle my paws and see how long I can make myself. In addition to feeling good, it is a great way to instigate a good belly rub when someone else is around. But, I’m all alone right now (on the couch) hanging out for the afternoon.

That’s when I hear the wrappers. The rustle and the noise give advice to the fact that the old man is probably preparing an afternoon snack. And that’s enough reason to dismount my comfortable spot and head for the kitchen.

Back on the ground, I find that my leg is all tingly, almost like I stepped in some stickers. I must’ve been sleeping for a while. And even with the sun popping out earlier in the day, my schedule hasn’t changed much from the regular snooze moments I’ve been accustomed too.

The sensation goes away after a few moments, and I’m back on all fours by the time I get to the kitchen. Yup, the old man has definitely spread the jelly on the bread, and snack time is about to commence. It’s time to put my sweet-face on. No one can resist my level of charm.

At the table, the old man settles down to enjoy his tea (which I’ve never gotten a single lap of, but it’s apparently delicious), and is munching on a snack. First, I have to get his attention, which is done with a light pawing at his shoe. Once I do that, I put on my cute face. I try. I try harder. I even add in a tiny woof to make sure he knows what he’s supposed to be doing.

But, he just shakes his head. No, this is impossible. No one can resist my charms. Why? Why would you deprive me of such goodies? I ask him this, but his only reply is that I shouldn’t have it. Why shouldn’t I have it? That’s outrageous talk! We’ve enjoyed it together for so long now; I can’t see why I shouldn’t have it.

Then, with a silent, but meaningful gesture, the old man pats my flanks. I know I’m cute, but quite frankly, I’ve always thought that the little chub on my sides made me just irresistibly adorable. And that’s an image I intend to maintain.

But the old man doesn’t waver from his decision, so no snack-sharing for today. Though, he does offer me something. It’s something new, a treat I’ve never seen before in my life. Well, maybe I have, as I proceeded to munch it down too quickly to take note of the visual characteristics.

The thing here is that I’m teased with the treat. Is it mine? He puts it close enough for me to smell it, which only makes the situation worse because it’s quite fantastic. The bag crinkles and crunches in his hand, assuring me that there are more where this came from.

He doesn’t give it to me though. Instead, he walks away, the treat dangling in his hand. We exit the kitchen and enter the living room, the old man walking as I hop along, trying to snatch it from his grasp. Before long, I’m huffing and puffing, finding it more difficult to breath than normal. I can’t help it, as the very idea of munching on that treat has me so excited. I have to get it. But the old man moves faster and he’s getting harder to keep up with.

So, I turn and race the other way in an attempt to cut him off. But, all he does is turn the other way, and I’m forced to keep up with him. We dance like this for a while, with my breathing getting difficult at every turn. I stop to cough every few bounds I take, slowing my efforts to get at the goods.

Finally, the old man caves in and stops the teasing, offering me the treat and rubbing my back while I enjoy it. And even though it doesn’t taste awesome, the effort to get it made it all that much more enjoyable. He pats my sides, letting me know it’s something we need to work on. And quite frankly, I agree. I’ve been a little too lazy for too long, and such games (plus a walk) definitely give me a chance to stretch my legs more often.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own “rocky” adventures.

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