ROCKY ADVENTURE – New Place, New Pups?

I started the day rather mischievously. While the old man was fixing himself some goodies on the stove, I managed to find my way into the open pantry. He’d been traversing between the small space and the very delicious smelling delights that simmered far out of my reach, so I decided to find something a little closer to the floor.

Unfortunately, while I did find some trouble to get into, it’s left me alone for a good while. About an hour ago, the door closed shut behind me while I snacked on the few crumbs and loose sugar that decorated the floor. I scratched and yelped, but I was forgotten, perhaps to the taste of the meal that the old man was enjoying without me.

When the door did open, I was all wound up with excitement. I immediately bounded to the old man, circling between his legs and telling him how happy I was to see him! A few minutes later, I had calmed down enough to notice that the old man was holding my leash and wearing his favorite hat. It was time for an adventure.
Outside, we met Debbie and Izzy. Apparently, we weren’t going for any “regular” walk. I realized this when we all loaded up in the same car and headed down the road. We passed my favorite park, the grocery store, and even the place with all the little “people pups.” Both Izzy and I called out to them, asking what they were doing and if they knew where we were going. They didn’t say anything, but did wave on occasion.

After seeing a few bike riders (one of them sounded mean and loud, like the bike’s belly was rumbling with hunger), we found our destination. Through the window, I could see so many peoples and their dogs running around together. Balls and Frisbees flew through the air while pups chased them down through the grassy field. I couldn’t wait to get out of the car.

Both Izzy and I were leashed and then unleashed out into the new environment. Scents covered the walkways, letters to claim territory marked the trees and bushes. I stopped to sniff a few and leave my own regards as we made our way to the gate.

Once inside, our leashes were removed and the two of us rushed to meet potential friends. I’d never seen so many dogs in the same place. Some chased others, barking their racing challenges. Izzy and I decided to join a group partaking in keep-away. One dog raced around with the desired ball while everyone else chased them until they dropped it or gave it up. Though there were plenty of other balls lying around, this particular one was special. Mostly because it was the one someone else wanted.

Despite our individual desires, Izzy and I always worked together. Perhaps it’s because we’re such good friends, but it’s likely our teamwork is just awesome. “Go left!” I bark to Izzy while I fall back and begin moving left as well. My short legs prevent me from being as speedy as the others, but it’s a spot where Izzy never falls short. I can see what direction the lead-dog will likely make. Her body moves right, but her head is leaning left, a definite sign that she’s going to change direction quickly.

Sure enough, Izzy is ready to intercept the lead-dog, forcing her to drop the ball. Despite my slower pace, I’ve managed to reach the tussle over the ball before it becomes too radical. One dog dives for it, his fluffy tail wagging like a flag to announce victory. But it isn’t so. The ball escapes his grip as another dog tries for the same dive. I leap over the dog pile and give chase to the ball. It rolls perfectly into my jaw, and I race forward with Izzy tailing behind me to cheer me on.

We play for what seems like hours. Each time the ball changes possession, it takes us on a different kind of chase. Apart from technique, each dog displays their own unique speed and endurance, making the game an endless combination of fun and entertainment.

But, even the most active of dogs will eventually wear out, and now both Izzy and I have wound down and found a shady spot beneath a tree. Here we watch newcomers begin their own games while we talk about how much fun it is to be a dog.

At the Dog park?

Rocky meets a girl?

Rocky falls into a hole?

Gets trapped somehow? In the pantry?


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own “rocky” adventures.

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