ROCKY ADVENTURE – Shopping With My Friend

Oh yeah! The front door opens and I rush out into the yard. When I reach the gate, I turn to tell the old man to hurry up. He has his third leg with him, which does speed him up, but he’s still far slower than my four. He hollers to tell me he’s coming as he manages the two steps down to the grassy yard.

I knew today was going to be awesome when he grabbed my leash and his favorite hat. We always go for awesome outings when he has his hat, and today would hopefully be no exception.

The old man unlatches the gate, and I burst out toward the car. Everything is taking so long! Time seems to go even slower when something great lies ahead. Even the keys jingle and the wind blowing the leaves lingers for a few moments longer than it should.

The car door opens, so I find my place in the seat and wait for the old man to get us situated for the trip. His third leg is placed in the back, then we both get buckled up for the ride. And we’re off.

I continuously ask him where we’re going and how much longer it’ll be, to which the old man reassures me that it’s a surprise. I yip and grunt, letting him know that he’s not giving me the answer I need.

We take the usual route, dropping off the papers at the street box, then heading to the funny smelling place so the old man can feed the road machine. The smell of its food always tingles and burns my nose, and the old man’s hands always smell of it for the rest of the day. It’s all good though, we’re off to have us a good time. Maybe it’ll be a park where I can run and play with some friends, and the old man and I can play a game of throw n’ catch.

But as I watch from my window seat, we pass by both of the parks. I watch as others run and play, dogs and peoples chasing balls and disks all around the open fields. Smaller people-pups crawl around on their bars and in the sand. I tell the old man that we’ve passed the parks, but he doesn’t even act like he knows what’s up.

Before I can really get flustered, the old man stops us in front of a building I’ve never seen before. My leash goes on, and we both exit the car, the old man on his three legs, and me on my four.

Then I can smell the strange difference. The ground and walkway reek of dog scents and marks. It’s on! I rush to the edge of my leash, attempting to make it to a spot that demands my attention.

I walk the old man up to the building. He occasionally tugs me to let me know where we’re going. The doors open for us and the air is filled with so many scents that I feared my nose would explode for sure. Inside, other dogs rushed about, some dragging their companions, others walking with. But all were excited to be here.

We walked together through the isles, checking out the goodies. It was hard for me to focus on what the old man was saying, though. All this new information was entering my mind, giving me so many choices to choose from.

We stopped, and the old man pulled down some toys that squeaked and whistled. He tossed several onto the floor around me, telling me to pick some that I liked. There were balls, fluffy toys, and even one that caught my attention in particular. A ball with holes in it didn’t seem interesting at first, but the ball inside was so irresistible. I wrestled with it for a bit, trying furiously to get it out of the bigger ball.

The old man told me to bring it with us as we walked and explored some more. We walked through the food isles, but this was no time to eat (an extremely rare occasion, I might add). I shook the ball side to side, still attempting to solve this conundrum of a toy. Before I knew it, the old man had found himself a few items to carry, a bag of treats for me included, and we were headed out the door.

Time is funny in a way that it went so slow while I waited to get here, but while we were having a great time, everything went by so fast. By the way, I still haven’t figured out how to get that ball out of the other ball…yet.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own Rocky Adventures.

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