Not much has been going on lately. I chased my tail earlier. But that got old really quickly. I tried to get the old man to play, but he just wasn’t in the mood. I wrestled with his one loose sock, (the left one always seems to wander down and dangle when he’s been relaxing on the couch) but he wasn’t going for that. He quickly nudged me away and grunted as he pulled the sock back up his leg. It quickly slid back down, but it wouldn’t do much good to try again. He just wasn’t in the mood to play, but I was, and quite frankly, I’m bored out of my paws.

Normally, I would have proceeded to enjoy a frolic out in the yard. I’d enjoy some playtime with Thieves and then even some sunbathing might be nice, to finish an entertaining afternoon. But, that was all very difficult with the rain coming down from the sky. It’s been falling for several days, keeping both the old man and me cooped up inside. I’m sure even he would like to get out there and play in his garden or at least throw the ball for a bit. I know I would.

Not with all this rain though. Even when I have to take care of my regular business, the wet ground makes it hard to do much of anything. This has made me somewhat negligent of my duties, and I’ve been holding it for a little longer than I really should.

And now I’m sitting here at the window, looking out at the dark sky and rather dreary downfall. This leaves me struggling to decide if I really have to go, or if I can hold it for just a little longer. I study my regular trail, the grass a little lower where I would normally run through, and decide it’s far too muddy to make that attempt. The bushes close to the house have proven to be useful these past few days, even though it has proactively gotten wetter beneath their shelter. But, it’s better than getting soaked by the falling rain.

I get situated at the doggy door, studying my path to the bushes. It’s almost impossible not to get wet from here to the bushes, but if I stay close enough to the sides of the house and fence, I won’t be utterly soaked afterward.

I ease out into the rainy day, staying as close to the wall as possible. Here, the pavement puddles with cold water, which actually doesn’t feel too uncomfortable. It’s when I get into the grass that the mud and cold water start soaking my belly fur. I’m not the tallest dog, but I’ve always been afraid of heights, so being short is exactly where I belong. Unfortunately, when there’s rain amongst other obstacles, I tend to feel the blunt of an inconvenient situation. Like this moment for instance, I have to stop to scratch an itch that has suddenly formed where the water has soaked deep into my fur. I only give it a few swipes, since time spent out here will only result in a soggier situation.

Finally beneath the bushes, I sniff for a decent spot to do what I must, and the relief is refreshing, regardless of the muddy earth beneath my paws. When all is done, I peek out to plan my return journey: close to the fence and close to the wall to prevent soaking myself even more.

Then I spot the old man standing in the doorway, staring out into the dreary atmosphere. He doesn’t look happy about it either. Of course, he’s standing in the shelter where it’s still dry, so it shouldn’t bother him as much as it does me.

When I get up to him, I notice a towel in his hand. A game of tug o’ war, perhaps? Nope. Instead, I get something a little better- a rub down. The old man dries me off, scrubbing and scratching. He even rubs my paws down, getting the debris and mud out from between my toes.

When he’s done, the towel whips away to clear my view, and I notice the sun has decided to make an appearance today. Even the rain has subsided to a light mist. I can feel the warmth of the day revitalize the air, reminding me of all the fun we can still have if we hurry!


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own “rocky” adventures.

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