ROCKY ADVENTURE – This is No Lazy Day Sunday

I’ve been chasing this “noisy beast” all morning. And though it may seem indestructible, I’m bound to win the battle. Back and forth, this thing sweeps across the carpet, whining and whistling as it pulls everything in its path up into a monstrous belly. Perhaps it’s even hungrier than I!

Regardless of the current situation, everything started out in a fairly normal fashion this morning. We both woke up (my wet nose tickling the old man’s face until he succumbed to the time), and enjoyed an excellent breakfast. Of course, any meal is excellent—at least to me it is. I went outside to take care of my morning business, and to say hello to Thieves, who has grown rather large the past few months. I can remember when he was just the tiny invader of my home. He even knows a few new words, like “good” and “ball” and “Rocky,” all of which we practice each morning since he can throw, and I can fetch. Then we go back inside and enjoy being lazy for a while. It’s a great schedule to keep if you’re a dog like me.

But when I got back inside, everything went awry. First, the old man started scooting furniture. The table went to the corner, the sofa was scooted out into the open and even my favorite tree (a fake decoration, but it still looks real) was placed outside, which upset me since it was a favored hiding place for a great many treasures. But I’ll be honest, for a fellow in his senior years, the old man can be pretty spry when he’s motivated.

After all the shifting and moving, and even a little dancing around when I found one of my old toys that had been long forgotten beneath the couch, the beast emerged. And that’s when the battle ensued. At first the old man kept trying to keep me away. I guess he thought I might hurt it, and he may be right. But, it turns out that the beast was made of metal, which is much too difficult to bite or chew, so I succumbed to intimidation. It was noisy, so my task was to be even louder and more obnoxious. In time, it would discover I was no pup to be messed with.

Eventually, the beast quit, or had at least filled its belly, and found sanctuary from me in the hallway closet. The old man had moved on to other tasks, but I remained at attention, occasionally yapping a fresh challenge through the door. It must have learned its lesson, at least for now.

The different pieces of furniture slowly found their way back into their homes. A few things were a little different, but the old man must be getting forgetful in his years. Items and decorations were wiped down with towels, which I picked up and took to the laundry room when they were tossed aside. If we’re gonna clean, we need to do it right. Only toys are allowed to be on my carpet. And maybe shoes. And food, but that goes without saying.

I was very excited when my tree was returned to its place, even though my treasures had been discovered and thrown away. I can’t help it if I like to keep treats hidden. The smell never bothered me. In fact, sometimes it makes them taste better. It’s okay though, because he hasn’t found my other hiding spot. As a dog, one must consider these things in order to protect one’s valuable investments.

After a great day of activity, only one thing remained that needed to be cleaned- the piano. It was a favorite pastime indeed. The pictures and plants were all returned to their home upon the piano top, giving it the comforting and kind look it always displayed. Out of all the noise making devices I had ever encountered, only this one appealed to my nature. The carefully crafted tunes and sound reminded me of great memories of us as we sat together for a few special moments in just each other’s company. But, maybe it wasn’t even the piano that played the trick, it was the simple fact that the old man was creating the sound that came from within…and the fact that I get to occasionally lend a helping paw.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own “rocky” adventures.

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