ROCKY ADVENTURE – Rocky Meets an Old Friend

Today has started off so well. Last night’s party has left us both a little tuckered out. We both stayed up late, scaring the “monsters” with our own costumes. So while the old man was sleeping, I helped myself to a little bit of the leftover pie (but please don’t tell him). Izzy’s lady companion makes the best apple pie, and no matter how I try, I can never resist the temptation.

I continue licking my lips clean of the guilty crumbs as I settle down on a comfy spot on the sofa. The sun shines in on this particular spot, keeping me warm inside the cool house. I yawn a bit, and lay my head down to nap- and let my tummy settle back down from all the excitement.
I awoke to the sound of the old man’s third leg thumping around in the hallway. I can see he’s a bit lively despite his recent nap. He has my leash in his hand, telling me it’s time for walkies. And I couldn’t agree more. I’ve the urge to relieve myself suddenly. He latches on as I lick his hand in excitement. Walkies has to be one of the best times of the day (next to eating, of course).

The door opens and lets the sunshine light up the day. Then after a moment to adjust the old eyes, we head out into the world to see what trouble a couple of fellas can stir up. We start out by giving me a moment to do my business and then it’s onward, towards the end of the block.

The old man’s third leg clomps on the sidewalk behind me, the rhythm telling me to slow down or speed up. I found that it’s so much easier to walk with him than to try to walk him around like all the other dogs around here do. I think it’s so funny when I see their little legs working furiously as they tug their companion around instead of just keeping pace with them. I’ll be honest- I tried it, and found that half the time I couldn’t even breathe because my collar was choking me.

“Hey, Rocky!” a voice interrupts my thoughts. I turn to see an old friend, his head hanging over the Johnson’s fence. Either that pup was trespassing, or Mrs. J got herself a new friend. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

“What’s up, dog? How you doin?”  Ace says to me through the fence line. He was always a mischievous rascal, looking for trouble just so he could dig a deeper hole. But, I have to admit, we used to have some fun times together back before we were taken to the cages.

“Well, it looks like someone got a new friend,” the old man says as he reached out to pet Ace’s bobbing head. I don’t care though. Okay…I got a little jealous.

“Hey, what say you and me get out of here and dig through some garbage for stuff we ain’t supposed to eat? I can’t stand it here. The old lady keeps feeding me this crunchy stuff, and they get mad at me when I do what I want.” Ace tells me with a wily grin on his face. “I’ll come get you tonight. Then- we can bust the other guys out and really show the town!” Ace finished his proposal by dropping back down off the fence and proceeding to chase his tail. Real geniuses.

I tell him that idea is not his best one. Ace stops and turns his attention to me, his expression puzzled by my choice. I tell him he has a good home, and that all dogs need a two-legged friend. I motion to mine and tell him that sometimes they carry a spare around. Dogs and their peoples are made for each other- helping, loving, and caring for one another, so that together they can handle anything life throws their way.

I bid farewell to the tail chasing Ace, and we head off down the way. He’ll probably forget everything I said in a few minutes. But I won’t. I look up at the old man and think to myself: I sure am lucky I found you.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own Rocky Adventures.

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