Spring Break Travel Tips

photoDeciding to travel with your pooch can seem overwhelming at first. And with spring break just around the corner, you may instinctively reach for the phone to call the dog sitter. However, you don’t have to leave your pet at home, as traveling with your dog is not as complicated as you think.

Because more and more people are traveling with their pets, several hotels and airlines have become more pet-friendly by implementing small changes such as using hardwood floors instead of carpet. Though, as you would expect, these changes come with a price tag.

According to the New York Daily News, pet owners have to spend somewhere between $30 and $150 per night or per stay. Of course, you’re responsible for any damages, too. As for flying with your pooch, you can expect to fork out $75 to $150 each way for a small dog, i.e. less than 15 pounds, in the cabin. Fees are higher for larger canines since they need to be checked in.

If you’ve made the decision to bring your dog with you on spring break or summer vacation, here are three important tips you should remember when you travel together.

1. Visit your vet. Before you leave, it’s a good idea to go to the vet to make sure that your dog is in good shape. Get all the checkups, vaccines, and pet meds your dog will need before and during your trip.

2. ID your dog. Make sure you pet always has proper identification, whether it’s a microchip, dog tags, or even just a collar with your name, address, and phone number.

3. Take breaks, and often. And I’m not just referring to bathroom breaks. Your pooch needs to stretch his legs as much as you do. This is especially important if you’re traveling in hot weather. Take frequent breaks to avoid muscle aches and to see to it that your dog stays hydrated.

With these three tips in mind, it’s time to pack your bags and your dog’s toys and treats. Get ready to enjoy a fun spring break with your four-legged best friend!

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