Super Dangers At Your Super Bowl Party

This early part of the year is home to the sporting event of the year. We all gather around the television set to watch the Super Bowl. But that’s not all we do- we make the occasion a party. Food, activity, and people all make for a festive event. Though it’s exciting for us, our favorite four-legged friends may not enjoy it as much as we do.

Not everyone knows how to act around your pup. Amongst the many hazards a mass of activity can bring, one is the uniformed party-goer. As a pet owner, we know the dos and don’ts of taking care of a pup to ensure their happiness and safety, but others may not. If your pup is going to join in the party, make sure you set a list of rules regarding the handling of your pup. And make sure they know that it’s for their safety as well as your pup’s.

Too much activity

One thing about a party is that there is bound to be shouting, throwing, and other activity all around. While some dogs can cope well with this, you may end up with a howling pup that’s anxious for attention, or maybe even a pup that has bolted for the safety of your bedroom. If you don’t think your dog can handle the excitement, make sure they have a safe sanctuary where they can enjoy themselves.

Doggy underfoot

One of the bad things about a bunch of folks moving around (perhaps a little tipsy already) is that people can step on puppy paws. Your pup isn’t always as big as everyone else, and may get trampled or hurt. Of course, the opposite can be true. If old Blue happens to be standing behind someone, he might end up sending your buddy to meet the floor (probably spilling a drink and a handful of chips, too).

Another danger is that party-goers may get rough, and your pup might get caught in the middle. The game may lead to your guests replaying a touchdown, and your pup can end up on the receiving end of a bad play.

Treats that aren’t for your pup

Possibly the biggest danger for a pup is all the tasty treats everywhere. Wandering hands may end up tossing your pup a few bones that he shouldn’t have, or a messy friend may drop half their plate on the floor. Here are some foods to be extremely wary of and are found in most party styled treats.

* Chicken wings are tasty, but their bones can be extremely dangerous for a hungry pup.
* Onions are in salsas, dips, and a variety of other dishes. Though we find them tasty, they can upset a dog’s stomach rather quickly.
* While most fruits are okay for a pup, grapes and raisins should be avoided. Raisins are popular in trail mix which may find its way on your snack list.
* Alcohol is amongst the more popular party treats, and will almost definitely make it on your party list. Don’t let your pup drink…even if he isn’t driving.
* Greasy foods in general aren’t good for your pup’s heart and liver, so avoid treating your pup to a plateful of leftovers.

A safe place for your pup

If you don’t think your pup will do well with the rest of the party, or you don’t think you can keep an eye on him to ensure his safety, it’s best to simply put him in a familiar place for the time. While the yard may seem like a good idea, the Super Bowl party usually travels between inside and outside, especially when the ref makes a bad call. Select a room where they won’t get into mischief, but will feel safe even with all the noise. Make sure they have plenty to eat, drink, and toys to play with. Conveniently, this might actually be a good time to put your dog’s grass litter box to use so they aren’t wandering through the crowd with a full bladder (and we all know what happens when pups get too excited when they have to go potty).

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for the fans of football (and the fans of the epic commercials, too). While we will definitely enjoy the occasion, make sure that your pup is kept safe as well. Though you might think they’d enjoy the change, don’t put them in a situation where they can get hurt. Keep your pup safe and enjoy the party.

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