National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Today, Monday, May 17th marks the beginning of National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Based on a report done by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), there is an estimated of 4.5 million people who suffer from dog bites every year in the United States and most of these incidents are avoidable.  It has also been said that dog attacks are the most widespread public health issue of children residing in the United States.

A majority of these reported bites are by dogs whose owners claimed that their dogs are safe.

Tips in Preventing Dog Bites

1.)  It is not recommended that you run by a dog since the natural instinct of a dog is to run after and capture its prey.

2.)  When a dog intimidates you, never scream. You also have to avoid eye contact and stay motionless until the dog starts to leave the area, then you can move away slowly carefully until the dog is finally out of your sight.

3.)  Never come close to an aggressive dog, most especially if it seems unsecured or unattended.

Ways to Become a Responsible Dog Owner

1.)  Teach proper behavior to your dogs help them engage other people and praise him for his appropriate behavior.

2.)  Keep your dogs in different room when a new person comes to visit or on a leash.

3.)  Never let others approach your kids when the dog is around.  The normal instinct of your dog is to defend the family members.

4.)  Dogs that bite are the ones which have not been appropriately socialized, get little attention and care, or the ones being left tied up for a very long time. Or, who have lived in fear or with aggression exhibited towards them. When they have experienced these things, they are most likely become biters.

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Disaster Preparedness Checklist: Animal Safety when Disaster Strikes

Many of us are getting better at planning for natural disaster.  We know that planning ahead is a crucial key to both survival and recovery. And, even though we know that there are still many ways we are so unprepared.

Often we are advised to prepare a disaster plan for the family and household in the event of flood, fire, hurricane or any other disaster.  Yet we fail to include the whole household.  Our pets should be part of this plan.  They depend on us, too, so include their care in your disaster plan so that you don’t lose track of them or worse yet, they are hurt in the confusion.

If you are preparing a disaster kit for yourself, then you also have to arrange one for all your pets.  All your pets should wear a collar with their respective current license.  It will also help if you make use of an identification chip that can be implanted in your pet.  The kit you will prepare for evacuation should contain the list of items below that is necessary for each of your animal pet:

  1. Copies of current medical veterinary records and first aid kit
  2. Extra dishes for food, bowls, can opener and drinking water
  3. A minimum 3-day supply of food and water
  4. An extra supply of medications
  5. Current photographs and records and other identification
  6. A portable carrier and litter pans
  7. Leashes and a rope to construct a temporary dog run
  8. Favorite toys
  9. Bedding material
  10. Shelter from windy and rainy weather

Furthermore, decide ahead of time what location will be designated as a safe place for everyone in the household.  A designated safe place ensures that everyone is accounted for. When every family member, is aware of the meeting place, then no one is just wandering searching for someone else during the event.

Because your dog might be frightened, he might not behave like he normally does and that could put your family member in danger.  Make sure you discuss this as a family so that no one is surprised or hurt.  Designate one person to be the one to take charge of your pet with the understanding that their first priority is themselves and their safety.  It is a tough decision to make and this is why it is better to designate someone so the children do not jeopardize their safety by trying to rescue your pet.

This past Saturday, May 8th, was officially National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day. Although all of us here at Porch Potty believe that, it’s important to take that one step further and put a plan together now.  In fact,  when you have your plan together just make a comment below or say so on our Facebook page ( Remember that preparation is the best way to protect yourself, your family and your pets.

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