Little Acts of Kindness: Be Kind to Animals Week

It is essential for all of us to be kind to animals every day of our lives.  Since 1915, American Humane has been actively celebrating the Be Kind to Animals Week” every year.  This week we honor, focus on animals and encourage ways of treating animals kindly.

Here are some ways on how we can be kind to animals in our own little way by providing the care they require and deserve every day:

Take a Stand and Speak Your Mind for Animals

Become informed about the different policies and laws that govern animals and the impact it creates to our community, country and the whole world.  Register  to start receiving Action Alerts from the American Humane Society so that you’ll be informed on current changes and concerns.

Report and Give Details of Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty and abuse are heartbreaking.  If you have seen an abusive act or cruelty being done to animals – report the said abuse immediately

Recognize the Value of Wildlife

Be aware of wildlife.  It could be as easy as cutting the soda can plastic that binds a six-pack.  Or, you can promote this by creating a private sanctuary in your own garden so that hummingbirds, butterflies and other living creatures feel welcome at your own home.  You may find wildlife to be closer to your own space – if you just open your eyes.

Adopt an Animal Pet from Rescue or Shelter Groups

There is an estimate of 3.7 million animals that are being euthanized every year because they have no place to live.  You may help animals by giving them another chance to look brightly in their life by adopting them.

Give the Highest Level of Care to your Animal Pet

Remember to keep vaccinations of your animal pets up to date. Be sure they wear proper identification and are taken for regular check ups with their veterinarian.  Responsibility begins at home with your own pets first.

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Today is National Kids and Pets Day

It’s one of those obscure holidays yet it does make a lot of sense.  Today, April 26th,  is National Kids and Pets Day!

Now, isn’t that what concerns us the most when we’re introducing a new pet into a home or when we have a pet and our introducing a new baby?

Here are some helpful hints from Chris Hayden, a veterinarian technician with PetFirst Healthcare. The full article is available here.

    1. Teach children to approach animals slowly and to not reach for the animal’s head.  Start petting the back first and avoid the ‘belly’ area until you know a little bit more about the animal.
    2. Watch toddlers, who can step on tails, pull and tug on ears – we have the words to tell them to stop doing that to us.  Your dog only has his back and little nips to let your toddler know he’s being hurt or to not touch him there.
    3. Avoid giving your dog toy’s that look like baby’s toys or clothing.
    4. Let older children assist with pet care. It’s wonderful to see them bond and understand the responsibility of caring for another.
    5. Be sure your child(ren) knows to leave the dog food, treats and water alone (unless their helping with the care and feeding of your pet).

      Any other helpful hints you would like to share to celebrate ‘the day’?

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      Traveling with Your Pup this Summer?

      If you’re like most people, summer vacation is a tradition you love to indulge in each year. But if you’ve just gotten a new puppy and want to take him along for the ride, be sure that you’re keeping him happy, safe, and healthy with these easy travel tips:

      1. Make sure your dog is wearing his proper ID tags at all times. His collar should have your immediate contact info or a microchip.

      2. Stash a copy of your dog’s current health and immunization records into your glove box or suitcase in case something should happen.

      3. Be sure to read the fine print of your hotel’s pet policy. Some hotels charge additional pet fees and deposits, some refundable, some not – or they many not even allow pets at all.

      4. If you’re traveling by car, be sure that you’re taking frequent potty breaks for your puppy. If your dog has never tried going while on a leash, be sure to train your dog to do his business that way also.

      5. If you’re traveling by plane, check with the airline to see the pet policy and what accommodations can be made. Also be sure to give your pup a potty break before and after the plane ride.

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