What to Look for in a Dog Friendly Apartment Rental

Dog friendly apartment tips for dog owners

One of the most frustrating things for any pet owner is finding an apartment that will accommodate their four-legged companion. While an individual might not have too much trouble, it is often the “No Pets Allowed” sign on apartment complexes that makes it difficult for a pet owner to find a home.

So, what should you look for in an apartment? Is there something special? Is there an easy way to go about finding one? Luckily, the online world has made it easier for pet owners to connect with one another, sharing ideas and theories concerning their pets and homes. So when it comes to finding an apartment, things are looking up for dog lovers.

Higher rent?

Initially, pet owners are always going to face higher prices when it comes to renting. The rationale behind this is: more inhabitants equals more rent. While some apartment complexes will allow pets, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll approve the idea of having dogs around. If they do agree to let the dog stay, the rent will be much higher, as will the deposit. The deposit is just in case there is extensive damage or failure to pay rent, and while some owners are sure their pup is well trained, the leaser isn’t as confident.

In this case, getting out of a security deposit (larger ones for pets) will take some finesse on your part. Don’t be shy about asking your leaser what you can do to avoid a higher deposit. For the most part, leasers will want to see records of shots, good behavior, and previous tenant recommendations. Putting together a portfolio for your dog is just as important as constructing one for yourself. You’d be surprised at how differently a leaser will act towards you and your stay with them.

As an extra option, it’s generally good practice to introduce your dog initially. Choose a neutral area where the leaser can meet your dog and become accommodated with them. If you’re going to be leasing an apartment from them, it’s a good idea to do this up-front so that your dog will know who is at the door when they show up (no barking or disturbing the neighbors is a big plus).

Pet guidelines

With the portfolio and meeting taken care of, you’ll want to get a feel for what is and isn’t allowed on the premises. What are the rules of the complex? Is there a curfew? Where can one walk the dog? It is good to know this, so you don’t feign ignorance when something bad happens. Remember, ignorance is no defense.

You also need be concerned with certain topics such as the leash laws. What are the laws of the city? Pet ordinances? Does your rental contract coincide with city rules and regulations? While the lease agreement may not mention some of these, not all cities are pet-friendly. Some may ban certain breeds, such as the pit-bull dog. Be aware of what the city ordinances state before moving into an area.

Finding a place

When it comes to locating these pet-friendly areas, things can seem like a hit-and-miss adventure. Luckily, the online world has made it abundantly clear how important our companions are to our living needs. These sites will hopefully help some of you pet owners out there that are searching for a friendly place to live.

• Peoplewithpets.com provides a large network of cities that are in general pet-friendly. You can locate hotels, apartment rentals, and even find a nice park to play in while on vacation. http://www.peoplewithpets.com/
• For the most part, cities are often inclined to promote their welcoming nature to the four-legged companion. Metro Animal is the St. Louis area pet-friendly guide for rentals in the entire area. http://www.metroanimal.org/rental/main.html
• Los Angeles also offers their own directory http://www.peoplewithpets.com/aptmetro.asp?metro=Los%20Angeles
• As does Portland, Oregon at Portland Pooch.com http://www.portlandpooch.com/directory/housing.htm

While not all cities will have their own directory, many of the larger cities- where finding an apartment can be extremely difficult in general- do offer a directory to make the search easier for you and the pup to find a good place to live.

If you’re looking to rent in the city, be sure to investigate the rules and ordinances applying to your four-legged companion. Also, be prepared to pay a little extra and invest some effort into proving that you’ll both make excellent tenants on your search for a new home.

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What To Expect From A Pet Massage

A good massage for your canine friend has more than just the benefit of their wagging tail. It is a great way to improve their health and get older dogs feeling better again. There are therapeutic places that offer the services of massaging your pup professionally. Massages are beneficial to several bodily systems in a canine, and help keep them healthy even in their later years.

What’s a therapeutic massage?


Therapeutic massages can help stimulate circulatory system functions. This is especially good for an older dog, or a pup that is still healing from surgery. The stimulation keeps the heart and lungs functioning well and keeps the blood flow to all parts of their body. Regularly, simply giving your pup a good rub-down will keep their nervous system keen and in good working order. The stimulation helps their skin and coat health, while it also helps to remove excess fur that can get all over your furniture. A good rub-down helps to relieve a dog’s boredom as well. Often times, as a pup gets older, they may become less active. Massages keep their mind stimulated and help refresh them so that they can continue to enjoy time with you. With a good massage, you can help your pup to maintain a healthy heart.

Stimulate the nervous system

Another advantage of massaging is that it helps to stimulate the nervous system in your doggy. With the blood flowing well, so do the sensations. A pup tends to loose feeling in their paws as they get older. Massages can help stimulate the nerves and keep them on all four feet, so that they are not compensating to keep weight off their paws. Therapy related massages can also keep the fluid flowing between the joints of an older dog. This is especially helpful because arthritis tends to attack these areas and cause your canine friend pain. They may not show it because they will shift their weight, and make their other legs work harder to compensate. Massaging can also be beneficial to digestion in your pups belly. The rubbing helps food along the digestive track and keeps their body working well. By making sure they get a good rubbing, you can keep them lively and happy on your afternoon walks.

You may ask of therapists or your veterinarian questions about what you can do to massage your pup at home. Find out what kind of techniques you can use to help keep them healthy and active. Keep in mind that you will want to know what areas are sensitive, and spots to avoid while massaging, so that you don’t irritate, or hurt your four-legged friend. Inquire what areas you should concentrate on and how to massage them. This is very helpful especially during recovery and the healing process after surgery.

Emotional benefits

Overall, a good therapeutic massage has many healthy benefits for your canine friend. And, there’s also the emotional benefits, too.  By rubbing and massaging between visits, you can build a solid bond with them, and keep them happy. Massaging keeps your pup in the best of form as they enjoy a long healthy life with you.

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Is Your Puppy Graduating?

For many of us, our dogs are our children.  So, by show of hands – who has graduates this year?

photoHas your pooch recently graduated puppy kindergarten? Here are some fun ideas for your beloved pet’s graduation party.

* What’s a party without guests? This is a great opportunity for your puppy to socialize, so invite his fellow graduates and friendly neighbor dogs.

* Get a cake from a doggie bakery, or make one yourself. You can find plenty of dog cake recipes on the Internet. Top the cake off with a candle that looks like a dog, a bone, or a fire hydrant!

* If you’ll be having human guests, be sure to feed them, too! Serve cupcakes and other party food with dog themed plates and napkins.

* Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! You’ll want to look back on this event in the future.

* Make graduation hats for all the graduating canines to wear.

* You can also prepare goodie bags filled with treats for the dogs to take home.

* Get balloons with paw prints on them, or stamp plain balloons with dog themed patterns. Use these to decorate the party area.

* Blow bubbles! Dogs love chasing and chomping on them. Be sure to use a solution that’s especially formulated for canines.

* If the puppy graduation party is taking place in the summer, serve doggie smoothies to keep the dogs cool. Again, you can look for recipes online.

* You can also turn the graduation party into a pool party. Get a kiddie pool for the dogs to splash around in. Remember to tell the owners to bring their own towels.

* Have games like puppy races, tag team Frisbee, or musical sit/stay! Musical sit/stay is similar to musical chairs. Play music, and when it stops, the owners will have their puppy sit/stay. The last one to do so is eliminated.

* Give your pet a new treat and/or toy to congratulate him for completing puppy kindergarten!

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