Why You Need to Take Your Dog To Work

Here are the top 10 reasons why – courtesy of Pet Sitters International:

It is a GREAT day to make people, in and around your work place, aware of the heartbreaking life, struggles, and challenges for shelter dogs. And, the need for adoption.

Who knows?  Perhaps someone at your place of work, church, school, or an organization where you volunteer has been thinking about adopting a dog, and this small gesture will help them know that it is the best decision they can make.

Even if you can’t take your dog to work during the day – where can you take your dog during your off-time that day and help spread the word?

When someone asks you or mentions “hey, cute dog!” – you can respond – “It’s take your dog to work day.  There are many dogs at the shelter looking for a home. If you or someone you love could rescue one they’ll make a remarkable difference in your life.” It might be just the change that someone’s seeking.

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You Were Complaining About Having No Shoes

We’ve all heard the saying, “He was complaining about having no shoes until he met a man with no feet.”

Here’s the dog version of that….

What a reminder!

It’s NOT at all what happens to us – it’s what we do with what happens to us that makes all the difference in the world.

Now, go hug your pooch and spend some time playing this weekend with your four-legged sweetie!

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Try the Porch Potty for Puppy Potty Time

If you’re like many pet owners, you don’t really have a huge backyard to indulge your pet’s need to roam…or to do his business. When it comes time to take your dog outside, where can you go without having to worry about leaving the house and your plans? Sidewalks can be okay, sure, but what about when it comes time to clean it up? It just seems like there’s never a break for dog owners who don’t have access to a yard. To solve this issue and to make your life a lot easier, PorchPotty.com has the solution.

Porch Potty Standard
Porch Potty Standard

The Porch Potty Standard offers the convenience that dog owners need when they’re lacking on space. Using a unique design that employs synthetic grass and drainage systems for easy cleaning, the Porch Potty Standard is the perfect fit for the dog owner that doesn’t have the time or the space to worry about puppy doing his business. In addition to offering a space for your dog to eliminate, the Porch Potty is also incredibly easy on the owner. It’s easy, compact, and makes the most of small spaces. Not to mention, it’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Simply set it up on your porch, terrace, or yard for an easier, better solution to your puppy potty problem.

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