Porch Potty: Rocky Adventure
Porch Potty: Rocky Adventure

Well, the trip wasn’t what I had expected. While I couldn’t see anything out of my little window, I was sure we were headed down one extremely bumpy road for a while. But other than that, the road was smooth going uphill. Up and down we went, my ears popping on occasion which left this incessant ringing sound somewhere I couldn’t quite place.

But after we had arrived, and met the astounding number of new scents that it brought, it was back out to where I could see again. And that is a very good thing, since I’ve had a chance to potty since we first left. The old man plopped me out, leashed me, and set me to explore the new location.

That’s where I met them. The new people. They were a nice couple, but I had no idea who they were and they seemed not to care much for who I was either. They were just a couple of strangers. But it’s their people-pups I was more interested in. The pair of them took right to me, petting and rubbing and scratching behind my ears. Oh, I really like them.

So we went home with them. I had to stay in my little tent bag, but this time the trip was a lot smoother and it helped that my bladder was empty too. The whole ride along, the people-pups kept checking me out through my little window, occasionally putting their paws close enough so I could give them a sniff, mostly checking to see if they were handing me a treat.

When we finally arrived, I was unleashed upon the yard to explore the new scents and listen to the odd sounds. Everything was abuzz, from birds chattering about a twig and a nest, to a squirrel squeaking at me to get out of his yard. I didn’t and instead found a hole he had dug and pulled out some of the goodies he had stashed- just to let him know who the boss around here was.

The indoors were amazing, though there were rules for me to abide by. The people made that very clear to the old man and me. I could go here, but not there. I wasn’t allowed in their room or the kitchen or the other room. In fact, I wasn’t allowed much of anywhere at all. I was lucky enough to be able to bunk with the old man.

With the door closed and the old man’s things being unpacked, I decided to unpack my own stuff. My ball, my favorite fluffy that Christy gave me, and a treat I had stashed when no one was looking. I took it and hid it behind the bed post where the old man wouldn’t find it. I can’t eat it in front of him, since he’ll probably want some too.

After he had unpacked, the old man told me to stay and left me by myself. I tried to follow him, but he pushed me back with a firm “no.” Then he left. So I waited. Maybe he had gone to get some snacks for us. Perhaps he was just going potty. I don’t know and I couldn’t hear much of what was going on out there. Occasionally he laughed, but then it was quiet again.

That is until my door opened. The people pups had come to join me. Or rather, I had now joined them. The girl picked me up and carried me out and into another room. It was completely different in here, not to mention that there was a really strange smell. It was almost like the woods like that time we went camping. But there were no trees here. At least none that I could see.

Then I was introduced to the source. A small creature, fluffy and smelly, was wiggling through a maze of tunnels and burrowing in some wood chips. It was a strange critter that also seemed intrigued by me. Its little paws pressed tight up against the cage and its nose wiggled to catch a whiff of my scent.

“Who are you,” I asked, “and where can I get a cage like that for myself?”

The nose stopped and wiggled no more. Once it blinked. Then again. And finally it spoke.

“My name…is Sir Whiskers the Fluffy, and all that you see is my kingdom. There is none other like it,” the critter proclaimed. “You may leave me now, as it is time to run in the wheel of infinity.” Then the little critter turned and hopped into a wheel where he began to run. The funny thing is that it went nowhere. What’s the purpose in that?

With introductions out of the way, it was time to play. And that we did. Overall, today was a good day. Though the trip was a little bumpy, we met some new people and made some new friends, even if one of them is a little strange. I can’t wait to tell Izzy about this one.


Jason Duron is a short story writer and author of several fiction stories.  Curious and lovable as dogs can be, the Adventures of Rocky give you a chance to see daily life from a “dog’s eye view” and share in their thoughts.  Please enjoy, and we hope that you’ll feel free to comment and give us insight into your dog’s very own “rocky” adventures.

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The Best Dog Stories

Best dog stories from dog owners

The relationship between a dog and its owner is a magnificent thing. It is full of wild experiences and heart-touching tales. And while we might picture those experiences to be among the exciting moments of life, like trips to new lands or wild outdoor experiences while camping, there are also situations inside the home that matter.

For some owners, it is those times when they need a little help to keep their home clean and their dog happy. This is why the Porch Potty has become a widely appreciated asset for dog owners throughout the world. While its general purpose is to keep your dog comfortable (and your home interior clean), owners often have their own particular use and appreciation for this tool.

Attraction at first sight

Perhaps one of the most intriguing characteristics of the Porch Potty is that it has an insatiable attraction for dogs. The familiarity and natural incentive can accommodate to even the most extraordinary situations.

Mayzie and Dominoe were two dogs living in an upstairs condo with their loving owner. As with all dogs, the passage of time had affected these two dogs, and they had succumbed to the loss of some of their most valued senses.

The older dog was partially blind and could barely smell, but it was attracted to the Porch Potty unit and almost immediately began using it like it had always been there. Doggy see- doggy do; its fellow four-legged friend quickly followed up and began using the unit, too. The quick and easy access proved to be perfect for their condo lifestyle, which would otherwise have required them to navigate stairs and endure the oft-inclement weather outside.

High up and nowhere to potty

Bentley was a young puppy that had recently arrived to add a whole lot of happiness to its owner’s life. Because of their high-rise lifestyle, the owner decided to help ease the new puppy’s life by getting a Porch Potty unit. Though the owner had decided to allow Bentley to settle in before beginning the task of potty training, the young puppy started to use the unit even before being introduced to it. Basically, Bentley had decided that it was time to take care of business right now! There’s not always time to wait for the elevator, plus it can be difficult trying to navigate the weather. So for Bentley and his owner, the Porch Potty has made life a whole lot easier so they can focus on enjoying the great things in life.

Recovery a little easier

Charlotte, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, had a rough time when diagnosed with luxated patellas in both rear knees (common in smaller or miniature breeds between the ages of 4-6 months). This meant that the young pup had to endure surgery in both knees, leaving her in casts for weeks. Fortunately, her loving owner had already fitted their home with a Porch Potty to help potty train her. Rather than navigating stairs, the pup had the opportunity to take care of its necessities inside and focus on healing up as quickly as possible.

Can’t always be there

Of course, the dog isn’t always the one to benefit. Tiana is the proud owner of a mastiff puppy. Unfortunately, she has to deal with the problem of dizziness early in the mornings. Navigation can be difficult, especially with the requirement of traveling up and down long flights of stairs to take care of her pup’s regular needs. But, that doesn’t mean that her pup had to wait each morning until the condition passed and Tiana was ready to go outside. With the addition of the Porch Potty, her pup could take care of business while Tiana got back to feeling well enough to play with her faithful pooch.

The Porch Potty has the ability to ease not only the life of your pup but can also make life more convenient for you. With a wide range of sizes and applications, it is simple enough for dog owners to equip their home in order to meet their companion’s needs.

And thus the real question is: How much does your dog appreciate their Porch Potty? How has it affected your life? Having an indoor potty for your dog brings ease to life so that you can focus on enjoying the things that make your relationship with your faithful companion so enjoyable. Do you have more time to play? Was training made easier? How has it simplified the life of you and your beloved pup? Share your stories with us too!

Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you don’t want to have to remember.  After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go “to the store” again.  Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!

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The New and Improved Porch Potty

The new Porch Potty for dog owners

For those who enjoy the fun activities and companionship of a dog, but don’t always have the time to clean up the mess, grass litter boxes like the Porch Potty have worked to make potty time as simple as possible.

Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, the Porch Potty is renowned for its ability to self-cleanse, reducing the need to regularly clean the potty yourself. Basically, it is an automated dog potty for your pooch so they too can enjoy the luxury of indoor plumbing.

A principle to simplify

The structure is simple, but more amazingly is that it is responsible for cleaning itself. Premium potty units utilize a built-in sprinkler system that washes down any sticky residue (and the smells that go along with it) to reduce the need to clean regularly. You would still have to pick up any larger materials, but we may have to look forward to robots for that particular job.

When rinsed, the porous grass keeps larger debris on top and funnels smaller materials to the center where it is channeled into a drop point. Here, you can simply hook the garden hose up or relieve it into a basin.

As for the self-draining aspect- a fourteen foot drain hose is included. You simply run the hose to a drainage area, allowing all liquid waste to eliminate away from the potty area. With the premium package, the sprinkler system helps to flush away any larger debris regularly, or you can pour water over grass to clean it manually if you need to.

If running a hose isn’t an option, a large three gallon catch basin is available to replace the hose. It’s removable so the contents can easily be disposed of regularly.

The potty area

The trademark item of the Porch Potty is the fire hydrant. The hydrant is pre-scented to entice the dog to “go” there. This helps reduce the need to invest in sprays and helps the dog maintain familiarity- especially if they enjoy marking things.

The new design is far more stylish and yet still as durable as its previous models. The structure is based upon a metal frame but entails a whicker exterior to improve the look and feel whether it’s out on your porch or inside your home. It is ideal if you’re debating on matching charm to functionality in your home. The new design reduces the obtuseness and provides a far more eye-friendly appearance when you have guests.

Grass options for the potty unit allow you to choose from either synthetic grass or natural grass sod. The soilless sod- dubbed “training sod”- possesses no dirt or mud and has never been used on the ground. It’s grown hydroponically and a nutrient source is built in to ensure the sod stays healthy and resistant to urine burns for a longer period of time. This helps to ensure that dirt clods or chunks won’t fall into the funneling system and clog anything up. Special delivery packaging ensures that it remains fresh and ensures longevity, especially when combined with the sprinkler system.

Primarily, all Porch Potties come with a synthetic grass mat, which is designed for both durability and permeability. This helps it to remain cleaner during the self-cleansing process. The synthetic option is perfect for dogs that are already familiar with potty area similarities (the yard or park), but if a natural grass is desired, there is no change in design. You simply remove the synthetic mat and replace it with the natural sod. Additionally, the synthetic grass is very handy for situations in which natural sod needs to be replaced and you’re waiting for delivery.

The best thing about the Porch Potty is that it allows you the convenience of leaving your dog at home without worrying that while you’re away at work, sleeping late, or otherwise out enjoying a social event, something bad will happen. Your dog doesn’t have to squirm and wiggle to hold it in while you’re away. They can relax as well and potty at their own convenience. The Porch Potty is basically convenient for everyone!

The Porch Potty does the work for you so that you can sleep in on your day off while your pup takes care of business in their own personal potty. Porch Potty make life easier for dog owners and their companions so that we can spend more time having fun and enjoying the important things in life.

Keeping up with your pet supplies can be just another thing you don’t want to have to remember.  After a long day at work and going to the store, the last thing you want to do is have to go “to the store” again.  Consider home delivery of your pet supplies!

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