Try the Porch Potty for Puppy Potty Time

If you’re like many pet owners, you don’t really have a huge backyard to indulge your pet’s need to roam…or to do his business. When it comes time to take your dog outside, where can you go without having to worry about leaving the house and your plans? Sidewalks can be okay, sure, but what about when it comes time to clean it up? It just seems like there’s never a break for dog owners who don’t have access to a yard. To solve this issue and to make your life a lot easier, has the solution.

Porch Potty Standard
Porch Potty Standard

The Porch Potty Standard offers the convenience that dog owners need when they’re lacking on space. Using a unique design that employs synthetic grass and drainage systems for easy cleaning, the Porch Potty Standard is the perfect fit for the dog owner that doesn’t have the time or the space to worry about puppy doing his business. In addition to offering a space for your dog to eliminate, the Porch Potty is also incredibly easy on the owner. It’s easy, compact, and makes the most of small spaces. Not to mention, it’s incredibly durable and easy to clean. Simply set it up on your porch, terrace, or yard for an easier, better solution to your puppy potty problem.

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Potty Training Tip: Set Aside Potty Place

When training your puppy, it’s important to give your pup a sense of security and direction. Setting aside a specific area for your dog to do his business will not only make potty training easier, but also faster than if you had tried to use multiple potty places.

To set aside an appropriate place for elimination, take a look at your home. Do you have enough space to accommodate your puppy indoors and outdoors? What areas can you use according to your neighborhood guidelines? Do you have a yard that’s fenced in or is safe for your puppy to use? All of these questions are things you must ask yourself when potty training your pup.

For indoor security during colder months or for spaces that lack porches, consider paper training as a safe bet. Set aside a specific area in your home with newspaper and instruct your dog to do his business. If you happen to have a bit more space or if you have porch access, you can always try the Porch Potty as an option. This compact potty training area is easy, convenient and perfect for your puppy.

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