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Best dog stories from dog owners

The relationship between a dog and its owner is a magnificent thing. It is full of wild experiences and heart-touching tales. And while we might picture those experiences to be among the exciting moments of life, like trips to new lands or wild outdoor experiences while camping, there are also situations inside the home that matter.

For some owners, it is those times when they need a little help to keep their home clean and their dog happy. This is why the Porch Potty has become a widely appreciated asset for dog owners throughout the world. While its general purpose is to keep your dog comfortable (and your home interior clean), owners often have their own particular use and appreciation for this tool.

Attraction at first sight

Perhaps one of the most intriguing characteristics of the Porch Potty is that it has an insatiable attraction for dogs. The familiarity and natural incentive can accommodate to even the most extraordinary situations.

Mayzie and Dominoe were two dogs living in an upstairs condo with their loving owner. As with all dogs, the passage of time had affected these two dogs, and they had succumbed to the loss of some of their most valued senses.

The older dog was partially blind and could barely smell, but it was attracted to the Porch Potty unit and almost immediately began using it like it had always been there. Doggy see- doggy do; its fellow four-legged friend quickly followed up and began using the unit, too. The quick and easy access proved to be perfect for their condo lifestyle, which would otherwise have required them to navigate stairs and endure the oft-inclement weather outside.

High up and nowhere to potty

Bentley was a young puppy that had recently arrived to add a whole lot of happiness to its owner’s life. Because of their high-rise lifestyle, the owner decided to help ease the new puppy’s life by getting a Porch Potty unit. Though the owner had decided to allow Bentley to settle in before beginning the task of potty training, the young puppy started to use the unit even before being introduced to it. Basically, Bentley had decided that it was time to take care of business right now! There’s not always time to wait for the elevator, plus it can be difficult trying to navigate the weather. So for Bentley and his owner, the Porch Potty has made life a whole lot easier so they can focus on enjoying the great things in life.

Recovery a little easier

Charlotte, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, had a rough time when diagnosed with luxated patellas in both rear knees (common in smaller or miniature breeds between the ages of 4-6 months). This meant that the young pup had to endure surgery in both knees, leaving her in casts for weeks. Fortunately, her loving owner had already fitted their home with a Porch Potty to help potty train her. Rather than navigating stairs, the pup had the opportunity to take care of its necessities inside and focus on healing up as quickly as possible.

Can’t always be there

Of course, the dog isn’t always the one to benefit. Tiana is the proud owner of a mastiff puppy. Unfortunately, she has to deal with the problem of dizziness early in the mornings. Navigation can be difficult, especially with the requirement of traveling up and down long flights of stairs to take care of her pup’s regular needs. But, that doesn’t mean that her pup had to wait each morning until the condition passed and Tiana was ready to go outside. With the addition of the Porch Potty, her pup could take care of business while Tiana got back to feeling well enough to play with her faithful pooch.

The Porch Potty has the ability to ease not only the life of your pup but can also make life more convenient for you. With a wide range of sizes and applications, it is simple enough for dog owners to equip their home in order to meet their companion’s needs.

And thus the real question is: How much does your dog appreciate their Porch Potty? How has it affected your life? Having an indoor potty for your dog brings ease to life so that you can focus on enjoying the things that make your relationship with your faithful companion so enjoyable. Do you have more time to play? Was training made easier? How has it simplified the life of you and your beloved pup? Share your stories with us too!

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July is Dog House Repair Month

I can’t say that many of our Porch Potty customers have dog houses to repair since most of their pups live indoors with them.

So, let me focus on the type of “dog house” you create for your pooch if you’re spending much time outside – as many of us do during these summer months.

sotto la panca by istolethetv.Here are some fast tips –

Use a portable dog kennel or cover.  Shade is important for your dog during these summer months.  Set this temporary  dog house in a cooler area where you’re spending time.  Be sure that it is distant from swimming pools, sprinklers, kid’s play boxes, and full sun.  It is also recommended for you to spray a pet-safe pesticide around the portable dog shelter to ward off bugs.

If you have an outside dog, spraying inside the dog house will also help in keeping spiders, fleas, etc. out of their house.  Make sure to trim your lawn and any grass or small weeds you see growing under or near your dog’s house.

For your inside dog, here are some helpful tips:

  • Be sure to increase the amount of water available to them. Just like us, their water consumption is on the rise with the rising heat index.
  • Keep him well groomed, yet avoid falling into the temptation to cut or shave their fur short, as many pet owners do. Many think this is keeping them cooler.  What is truly happening is you are taking away your dog’s natural “sunscreen.”  Your dog can, and will, get sunburned.
  • Avoid extra exercise.  Overexertion on hot days can lead to heat stress.  Keep this in mind in timing walks and runs with your pooch.
  • Watch your dog. Excessive panting, rapid heartbeat, blank or ‘lost’ looks, and vomiting are all signs of dehydration and other issues in struggling with the heat.

Have a great weekend! And, remember, we’re still searching for our “Featured Dog of the Week” so please submit your dog’s photo on our Facebook page!

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Phoebe – Featured Dog of the Week


Phoebe’s photo was sent to us via Twitter this week and is she not just the cutest! Who can resist those big beautiful eyes? Phoebe is a hyper and happy French Bulldog. We’re excited to share her with you as our Featured Dog of the Week!

Jeannette (Phoebe’s owner) shares:

“Phoebe started using the porch potty as a pup. She doesn’t like snow at all and would refuse to go out in the snow. so I definitely had to find something she could use for a potty during the winter. We tried pee pads but she would chew them instead of using them. Then, I found your site and decided to give it a shot. It truly was a life saver because she immediately used it. It was nice not to have to worry about her peeing all over the house in the winter. It is also nice to know that if we run late to let her out she has her little porch potty right there for her.”

Jeannette Rodriguez
Chicago, Illinois

If you have a picture of your dog and want to share your story, post it to the Fan Page. Each week we vote for cutest dog to place on the homepage. So snap those pictures, and send em in. We love cute dogs. Who doesn’t?

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