You Were Complaining About Having No Shoes

We’ve all heard the saying, “He was complaining about having no shoes until he met a man with no feet.”

Here’s the dog version of that….

What a reminder!

It’s NOT at all what happens to us – it’s what we do with what happens to us that makes all the difference in the world.

Now, go hug your pooch and spend some time playing this weekend with your four-legged sweetie!

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Pet Appreciation Week Video

Thank you to our amazing pet owners and their fabulous dogs! 🙂

From owner, Kimm:

Burnahrd is a 7 year old rescued dog that won my heart when he was a year old.  He lost his left back leg due to abuse by his former owner.  Maighie is a 2 year old rescued dog that started out as a foster and decided to stay with us.  She lost her right front leg and shoulder by getting caught in her former owner’s garage door.  It took about 6 months for Burnahrd to start playing with Maighie but now they are fast friends!

From owner, Jillian:

River is very special to me though and I try to show my appreciation to her every day! I love training her and teaching her tricks, going on walks, taking her out to visit people and anywhere I can take her, she loves playing, I make sure her bed is comfortable … See Moreand warm (with a heating pad when needed), and I always take some time to let her relax on my lap! I always say, “She is a very spoiled dog, but she deserves it.” 🙂

From owner, Jill:

Dexter loves his porch potty and his new shoes. We are very blessed to have him, he is a rescue and is 19 months old

From owner, Maria:

I love Rocky!  He’s the other “boy” in my house and my four-legged son! :)  He is always joy-filled and filled with care and happiness.

From dog, Casper:

I, too, look forward to sitting and relaxing with my mom beside me….but hard to pin her down! I particularly like to ‘chew’ on the back of her hand….I think she likes it…I just hope that I am not hurting her too much! I do ‘talk’….here I am ‘talking’ to you!

With love to all of our dogs! 🙂

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May We All Honor Our Gift of Freedom

I planned to write a post about the many fun activities that we can participate because of those who have sacrificed so much and the importance of honoring their memory most especially today, Memorial Day 2010.

Then, I came across this video which is also about FREEDOM but much different than what I originally had planned for this post.

I hope you enjoy it. Realize we all have unique gifts.  Say thank you to those who have served.  For the families who have lost someone, keep them in your thoughts. Hug your family.  Hug your dog.  And, really savor every moment of today – focusing completely on all the gifts we truly have.  For the ones we take for granted are the ones that someone yearns for…enjoy.

Gratitude to Surf Dog Ricochet for sharing this inspirational video – thank you!

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