Taking Care of Your Teething Pup

In a lot of ways, dogs are similar to human babies. And, one of the most stressful phase in their lives happens between their 3rd month to 6th month where puppies come into the stage of teething.  Puppies experience this phase earlier than babies.  This is the period where the puppy’s “milk” teeth will come out giving way to a new set of adult teeth.  At this stage, puppies are expected to look for ways to relieve the itch.  Puppies tend to chew more to ease the feeling of discomfort.  Here are some tips to help your dog go through this phase much easier.

Dealing with your Puppy’s Discomfort

You may provide the following items to alleviate your dog’s:

a.)  Frozen Rubber Teething Rings

b.)  Toys meant for this time in your puppy’s life so it will not get damaged or be swallowed accidentally

c.)  Our use towels, washcloths or a pair of knotted socks

Coping with the Environment

A puppy that is in teething phase would tend to chew most of the time so it is best that ensure that your dog won’t chew on those things that can harm him.  You also might place him inside a playpen or a crate to keep your pet in one area especially if you cannot attend to your dog’s needs.  Remember, to use safe toys that he can chew here, too.

If in the event he experiences gum swelling or excessive bleeding, then bring your dog to the veterinarian.

Positive Reinforcement

One of the most effective dog techniques, rewarding and praising your puppy whenever he does something right assures him that this is something good.  In this case, you can reward your pet when he chews the toys, the towels or teething ring you gave him.  When you do spot your pet chewing something else, then simply tell him “No” and give him the right toy to chew on.

Keep Aware

Expect your puppy to chew on anything he can get his mouth to which can be your children’s toys, shoes, bones, sticks, and even your very own fingers.  Be more cautious at this point in your pet’s life and look and see what might be in his reach.  That will save any heartache from having items destroyed or your puppy injured from chewing on something that hurts him.

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