The Dangers Of Laser Pointing

Some folks utilize an assortment of tools for training or entertaining their pups. The laser pointer seems would appear to have some down sides though, proving to be a double-edged sword. While it can be useful to assist a pup in finding or locating places and objects, it can have a serious mental side-affect that causes obsessive/compulsive habits.

photoLaser pointers can be a fun tool for pups as they love to chase and pursue that little spot of light. Some of our canine friends can become somewhat addicted to the “shiny” light. Glamor has always intrigued the curiosity of our four-legged friends, and with the laser pointer, has led to anxiety behaviors. The use of the pointer can develop OCD in some pups and result in anxiety when usage of the device is ceased.

Developing OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

There are certain signs of OCD in your pup which you should watch for. Your pup’s attention should move on to something else after the laser has been off for a few minutes. If they continue to claw and scratch at the area for a long period of time, you need to stop using the device. Another sign of this problem would be “stalking” the area. They may be hunting for the light as part of their nature would require them too. If they randomly return to the last area of laser use for no reason and seem anxious about being there, you should stop using the laser pointer because it is very likely your pup is becoming obsessed with the laser.

Maybe best to avoid it

Dogs by nature are a habitual creature. OCD is not just related to laser pointing, things like shadows and invisible flies may be signs of a problem. Not all result in anxiety, but laser pointing seems to have a very negative effect on a pup’s mental state if you do not continue to play with the light. The anxiety can be difficult to overcome after it has set in, so it may be best to try to avoid using tools like the pointer. Anxiety can sometimes lead to aggression or depression if the OCD continues to develop and may result in unhealthy bodily effects on your pup. Lack of eating and a raised tension within your pup can lead to heart problems as they stay in a panicked state when you are not using the pointer. If your pup has reached this state, it will be difficult to help them without the help of a veterinarian or a specialist on animal behavior.

Play is important to your pooch

Dogs love to play and there are more effective toys and training devices other than the laser pointer. A good game of fetch with a ball, or using an old rope to play tug-o-war with them will keep them just as happy if not happier. Laser pointers may be fun and a bit entertaining for you as you watch your pup be silly and chase that little dot. Before you pick up the pointer in the future, consider what may be going on in your pup’s mind. Instead of playing with a little red dot, have your pup play with you, and spend some real quality time with them.

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