The Importance of Quiet and Social Time for Your Dog

photoTraining is essential for teaching your dog the mannerisms of a well-trained pup. But on the contrary, you still want your pup to enjoy the company of you and other dog friends. The two are a balance much like yin and yang. A good pup knows the difference between play time and time to behave. As your pup’s owner, it is imperative that you teach your dog the difference between the two or you will have a chaotic wild pup or a dog that doesn’t know how to enjoy themselves.

Quiet time

It is important to train your pup to be obedient. Jumping on people, barking at anything and everything and tugging you along on their leash are things that we train our pups not to do. This is quiet time for your pup- picture yourself at work, you need to focus on working, not playing right now, and the same goes for your pup.

Walking your pup on a regular basis gives you the chance to practice many of these habits. Here you can teach them not to try to play with other people or dogs and focus on the walk and you. Don’t let them tug you toward another dog or object of interest. This is important in distinguishing the difference of quiet time.

Another trick to this is to familiarize quite time with the leash. When they have the leash on, it is time for a walk or time to settle down and go home.

Don’t forget to treat them when they are successful in any of your commands. Don’t forget that treats are anything that rewards the pup- belly rubbing, tasty morsels, or even play time. Without a treat, often times pups will begin to disregard you and seek out entertainment elsewhere.

Social time

Aside from training your pup, play time is enjoyable for the both of you, so unleash your pup and let them have fun. You can even use this as a treat for your pup after a walk. They may play and interact with you, kids or even a friend’s pup. Taking your pup to the dog park is often a nice treat for them. They can run and interact with other dogs and simply be themselves.

Social time helps your pup get out their energy and experience their own nature. Many times they will return to their instinctive selves and do what dogs do best- play. Often nipping and play fighting, however we may see it as, are just a dog’s way of playing. We humans sometimes do the same, for entertainment or laughs, so why not dogs as well. It is important to remember to keep an eye out for signs of aggression though.


Finding balance between the two keeps your pup happy. You need to ensure that your dog does not lean one way or the other. A pup who knows nothing but obedience has trouble socializing with other animals- dogs and humans and can lead to an aggressive talent when they are placed in a playtime situation. If your pup isn’t trained properly, and doesn’t know the difference between play and quiet, they will run all over you (I have seen it done many times) and basically do whatever they want to do. Balance is essential to all things, and your pup’s well-being and happiness rely on their understanding of quiet time and social time.

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