Tips for Choosing Your Dog’s Outfits

photoWhile dressing up your dog is a fun thing to do, you should always put your pet’s well-being first. As harmless as they look, certain outfits can pose potential dangers, so knowing what to avoid can help you select garments that are not only cute but safe and comfortable as well.

So what should you look for when picking out your dog’s outfits?

* Easy to put on and take off. Pick garments that you can put on and take off your pooch with ease. You do not want to have to twist and bend your dog for him to get into a piece of clothing. An ideal outfit is one that can slip over his head then be fastened around his body so you will not have to work his legs into leg holes. Also, if the outfit is too difficult to put on and take off, your dog may fight you when you try to get him to wear it.

* A secure yet comfortable fit. The outfit should be tight enough so it will not slip off or snag on something, and loose enough so your dog will be able to move around. The fit of the garment should be secure but allow for easy removal in case your pooch gets upset and wants out.

* Does not obstruct vision. For hoodies, hats, and the like, make sure that they do not block your dog’s eyes. Your pet may panic and even become aggressive if he cannot see anything. Moreover, there should be nothing covering his ears, nose, or mouth. Your dog should be able to see, hear, and breathe easily.

* Bathroom break friendly. Keep in mind that your dog will need to use the bathroom while he is in his outfit, which is why it is very important to have him wear a garment that will allow him to do so with ease and without making a mess. It would be too much trouble to take his outfit off every time he has to go, so clothes that end at the waist are your best bet.

If you put your pooch in comfortable outfits, then it is very likely that he will let you dress him up more often.

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