Tips for Throwing a Dog Birthday Party

photoRecently, it has been reported that more than 700,000 pets in the United States were given birthday parties by their owners. This pet party trend is not unique to America and has reached other countries such as England, China, and Japan. If you’re planning to throw a party for your dog, here are some tips to ensure that all attendees, both canine and human, have a barkin’ good time.

* Only invite dogs that your pet already knows and likes so as to avoid any possible fights. If your best friend has a dog that doesn’t get along with yours, it may be a good idea to exclude them from the guest list. If you want to invite a pooch that your dog has not met before, set up a date between them prior to the actual party.

* All dogs should have at least one human companion that they are comfortable with at the party. If a dog’s owner cannot make it to the celebration, then it is recommended that the dog does not attend either. You will be busy enough hosting the party and watching your own pet.

* Only serve food that is safe for dogs, as there are plenty of people foods that can be poisonous to canines. If you’re unsure about a certain food, consult your vet. Also talk to the other owners before the pet party to check if their dog has any allergies.

* See to it that every dog gets his share of the food, and let the owners feed their own pets.

* The length of a pet birthday party depends on how long you want it to be, but keep in mind that dogs can become restless over time. Don’t be afraid to end the party earlier than scheduled if you notice that many of the four-legged guests are getting fidgety.

* Have poop bags on hand in case the other dog owners do not bring their own. This is a must especially if you are having the dog party at a park or any other public area.

* If you will be throwing an outdoor dog birthday party, prepare a contingency plan as well, so the fun doesn’t have to end in case of bad weather.

* Make sure that the dog party area is secure and that there aren’t any openings that smaller dogs can slip through.

* If you invite dogs that have yet to be spayed or neutered, ask their owners to watch their pets, and let the other owners at the party know about this as well.

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