Today is National Holistic Pet Day

photoLast week, we asked our readers for their Natural Holistic Resources and Remedies in preparation for today, National Holistic Pet Day!

Here are some sources:

And this resource comes from another reader:

Another basic part of the plan is to develop a holistic first aid kit. This should be an accessible kit available for emergency situations. You would want to include some of the following items: Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for Pets (calming flower essence), calendula ointment (speeds healing), hydrogen peroxide, gauze, bandages, blankets, water, and extra food. If your pet becomes stressed, try treating him/her with flower essence before using prescribed medication.

In fact, a great list of treatments exists – click here to access!

Here’s a snippet from that site…

Fur Balls

Feeding a good natural diet, will deter this problem as they will shed less fur and their digestive system will have acids for lubricating. To help a cat straight away for the first week, add 1/2 teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to their daily meals, which lubricates the system to help elimination through the digestive tract etc. Homeopathic Remedy for Fur Balls.

Tooth Plaque prevention & removal

Once again, feeding your pets with a preservative free and RAW meat diet, helps prevent plaque. The sugars that are added to the commercial foods actually cause the plaque bacteria. When sugar is combined it will form the hard plaque, which forms an acid – and it is the acid that eventually causes the decay.

Ear Mites / Infections

Mix 5% or 3% volume of hydrogen Peroxide with 1/2 teaspoon of wheat germ oil and add about 3 mls of water.
(Warm the mixture, by placing the small bowl onto a larger bowl of warm water)

If your cat or dog has an ear infection you may need to use a homeopathic treatment drops as well, if the infection is chronic.

For Ear Mites – use either a cotton ball or eye dropper, fill an eye dropper and gently trickle mixture into the ear canal (approx. half a teaspoon), let it run down into the ear for a few seconds. Then from the base of the ear gently massage it (hear the squishing sound). Massage for 2 to 3 minutes then let the cat or dog shake their head, do this procedure each day for 3 days then repeat same the following week.

For Ear Infections – do the same, except treat the ear every day until no more brown fluid is present or the wax has been cleared. It is important to put your pet on a natural raw meat/veg diet and food vitamin supplements, as many ear infections are caused from poor quality food/food allergy/low immune system.

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