Tomorrow is National Homeless Pet Day

Over the years, the number of homeless pets has been growing and has actually reached the highest count so far.  Animal shelters and pounds have become packed and overcrowded which resulted to turning down and euthanizing these great pets! A lot of neglected, discarded, and abandoned dogs still suffer at the shelter on an empty stomach. With limited resources, shelters are struggling.

Each year, millions of dollars are being invested into animal shelters for care of homeless pets. You can help by donating or purchasing products were some funds are used to purchase pet food.

photoHow can you help?

First, begin by taking good care of your animal pets if you have one yourself. It’s surprising that many current pet owners will be the ones who make room in their homes to adopt a pet. You might be one of them.  Review your own home needs, abilities, and desires of your family and see.

Remember, to take care of your own pooch first
by ensuring that your dogs come with their respective tags for easier identification and can be returned in the event that your dogs get lost.  It is also recommended that you spay or neuter your dogs to make certain that the possibility of overpopulation is being controlled.

Second, adopt animals instead of buying them from a pet shop or a breeder. Imagine the world if each person would only adopt at least one pet, there will be no issue about having homeless pets in our society today.

Third, promote advocacy to your own family and friends. The best way to encourage them is by making them aware of the need.  By discussing the significance of proper animal care with them, you can make a real impact and increase the base of individuals taking a serious role in caring for homeless pets as you spread this important message.

Lastly, if you are capable and can share extra funds within your means, it is best to contribute to animal shelters. Most of these pet shelters are all lowly funded and are under pressure just to keep a small number of animal pets they have. As more people take part in this advocacy, the simpler it will be for pets to find homes.

Make this a part of your habit – not just because we are celebrating National Homeless Pet Day this week.  Always drop by the nearest pet shelter in your local vicinity first when you decide on a new addition to your family.  Just look at these faces!

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