Top 10 Tips in Keeping Apartment Dogs

Top 10 tips in keeping apartment dogs
Top 10 tips in keeping apartment dogs

Apartment and Condominium Dogs have played a major part in the daily household experience of its owners. Living in a building with several floors and elevators will already make you think twice of keeping a dog at your flat. It will never be similar to keeping a dog in a normal house. There’s no back door you can open to make him go outside – you will always have to strap your apartment and condominium dogs with their leash and go with them to the ground floor regardless of the current weather outside your apartment. You will have to get used to dealing with elevators, tight pathways, big lobbies and share all these with all the dogs in your condominium. It’s a completely special planet with a totally new group of training requirements.

It is indeed a warm and intimate community you are getting into if you have decided to hold residence in an apartment or condo with shared pathways, common lobby and public elevators. You will start to belong in the same community of common spaces even if you have no idea who your neighbors are and do not communicate frequently with them. This given surrounding demands a strong sense of sensitivity toward the desires, requests and ease of the rest of the condo owners. It will be different on how comfortable you are living in a private home as opposed to living in a condo where you have to act accordingly in an apartment.

Below are Top 10 Tips in Keeping Apartment Dogs that are based from real life experiences on keeping a dog in a high-rise condominium. This can further promote openness between the apartment owners and dog owners to allow dogs in their buildings if each homeowner with a dog will abide by the given rules in this list.

1) If you run or walk on streets, make sure to always bring a plastic bag. You may opt to choose a common grassy area when he can potty, maintain it clean by using a plastic bag to clean it up.

2) Never leave your dogs unleashed. Your dogs should always be tied up on their leash most especially when you intend to go to common spaces of your apartment. Even if your dog is trained, never risk of leaving him unleashed.

3) Use a short leash on your dog. Keep him close to you when you go through the pathways and lobby of your condominium.

4) Never let your dog have that chance of running up to someone. A lot of people are still not keen of dogs around them. If there was a person intending to pet your dog, make him sit first before you let your neighbor touch him. Just ensure that your dog is on sitting position the whole meet. Others may just walk straight to your dog without asking permission. By having a short leash, you can easily control your dog’s actions toward the person.

5) Whatever the size of your dog, never let him jump on strangers. Train your dog to sit before you pet and praise him. Dogs that are rowdy and jump on people may cause a lot of trouble.

6) Train your dog not to growl when you’re in the shared area of your apartment. Dogs are capable of barking very loud regardless of their size when situated inside any closed building. Unforeseen circumstances may arise causing him to be surprised and bark endlessly. By teaching him not to bark when you command similar to training him to speak only when you command.

7) Maintain control in any given situation. If you come across a neighbor inside your condo, make the dog’s leash short and close to you. Have him lie or sit down once the other dog pass through – most especially if your dog is larger.

8 ) It is best that you do not initiate introducing your dog to another dog. If unavoidable, make the bigger dog lie or sit down while the smaller dog comes near. Even if both dogs are sanitized, you still have to be very cautious most especially with two male dogs. There will be a lot of barking and roaring if one of them feels more overbearing.

9) Always stand toward the back when your ride the elevator with your dog. Practice him to just sit next to you and make him keep his eyes on you during the elevator ride. Your dog should only get up and exit the elevator once he gets a signal from you.

10) Potty train your dog indoors. You can start this off by setting a schedule for your dog’s potty times. You have to remember that establishing a schedule is one of the main key you have to be consistent about. It is also essential that you reward your dog for a job well done by praising him. Find the most suitable potty area that is easily accessible and make sure to mark it. The potty area should not be just near your carpeted floors inside your house. It may be on near the dirty kitchen or somewhere that does not have any carpet.

These rules in keeping apartment dogs should be applied even when you are alone with your dog. Your dog will get to learn this as part of his normal behavior if you always make it under your control when he is inside the condominium premises. Your dog will not just associate this when he is surrounded by other people.

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  1. I have trained my dog to do his toilet duties outdoors, and if the condo has ample grounds and areas for it, that should not be a problem if you are responsible in picking up your dog’s poop and disposing of it accordingly. I think especially if the dog(s) are on the bigger side, this is a better deal than doing it indoors where it can create a lot of smell. Bringing your dog out two to three times a day for a walk and doing his toilet duties is a good habit.

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