Ways to Remember Your Pet

This Sunday is National Pet Memorial Day –a day set aside so we can remember and celebrate the pets that we’ve lost in our life.

photoWhile many of us on the Porch Potty team currently have a four-legged family member, many of us have experienced losing a furry loved one that meant the world to us.

Some things you can do this Sunday, September 12th to celebrate and honor your pet’s memory:

1.  Focus on the good times.

I know there are many.  Remember the joy, the antics, the fun times, and those times that just made you giggle.  If you focus on that even for the moment, it will make you giggle again!  Spend a few moments reflecting on these pleasant memories – and as much as your pet was there for you, you were there for them, too.  There’s magic in remembering those moments!

2.  Contribute to an animal protection, rescue, or support group in their honor.

We can make a contribution in the honor of a pet and keep their memory and name as giving as they were to you!  There’s great joy in knowing that you and your pet did “one more thing” together.

3.  Create a flower garden in their memory.

You don’t have to have a huge yard or a backyard at all to create a memory garden.  It can be a large terracotta pot in your apartment, or a small one on your window sill. It can even be one that you help take care of for your local Keep America Beautiful Days or Make a Difference Day.

It can be a tree you plant in their honor or a shrub planted at a local nonprofit’s location.  The where doesn’t matter.  It’s all the awesome memories that you’ll nurture as you nurture and care for this plant.

If space is really tight, it can be a memory garden in a terrarium.  The size or breadth of the garden doesn’t matter – it’s the size and breadth of the memory that does.

What other ideas do you have to reflect and enjoy the memory of your pet?

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