What Is A Pawdicure?

As a pup owner, you understand that your pup needs to be groomed from head to paw. Like us humans pups spend most of the day on all four paws which can definitely put a bit of stress on them. That’s where pawdicures come in. They are similar to what humans call a pedicure.  Some groomers offer this but there are special places where you can take your pup to keep their paws healthy.

A relaxing nail clipping

photoThe process is a relaxing way for your pup to get their nails clipped. Some pups do not enjoy this process, so a little extra spoiling can sometimes be an effective tool for clearing their anxiety. Keeping your pup’s nails trimmed is not only necessary to keep those scratches off of you, but also healthy for them. If a pup’s nails get too long, it can be discomforting for them to walk or stand, or worse they can get hung on carpet and torn out. This is extremely dangerous for a pup as a resulting infection can occur. As a pet owner you will need to ensure careful maintenance of your pup’s nails to keep them healthy and happy.

Moisturize those paw pads

Over time a pup’s paws can become cracked and sore, so places that offer these “pawdicures” offer special spa’s or soaking options for your pup. They can also rub foot balms to re-moisturize cracked or paw pads. This helps heal and comfort a pup’s mitts so that they can stay active on all four legs. These places also offer paw massages to help keep your pup’s feet feeling good. This is also very beneficial for an older pup as the paw massage keeps the nerves in their paws active and healthy so that they can continue enjoying their life even into their senior years.

There are even some places that offer even more pampering when it comes to a pawdicure. You can get your pup’s nails painted with a variety of colors to add to your pup’s style. While this may seem a little odd for folks, it is merely something that you can add on for a great conversation starter, or perhaps your pup likes the attention that they get from this.

Relaxation – together

Some facilities are so pet friendly that while you get a pedicure, your pup can join and get their pawdicure. This is a nice chance for you and your pup to get some relaxation together. As the business world begins to open its doors to the pet world, we can expect to see more of Snoopy’s old signs that say “NO DOGS ALLOWED” coming down and “Dogs Welcomed” signs going up.

Pawdicures are a great way to keep your pup’s paws feeling great and healthy. It can save you a bit of time and let your pup get a little spoiled in the process. Keeping your pup’s paws and nails healthy is the main priority of a pawdicure, but a little extra never hurts. From trimming their nails to massaging their paws, businesses like this can offer your pup a healthy and happy pawdicure.

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