What To Expect From A Pet Massage

A good massage for your canine friend has more than just the benefit of their wagging tail. It is a great way to improve their health and get older dogs feeling better again. There are therapeutic places that offer the services of massaging your pup professionally. Massages are beneficial to several bodily systems in a canine, and help keep them healthy even in their later years.

What’s a therapeutic massage?


Therapeutic massages can help stimulate circulatory system functions. This is especially good for an older dog, or a pup that is still healing from surgery. The stimulation keeps the heart and lungs functioning well and keeps the blood flow to all parts of their body. Regularly, simply giving your pup a good rub-down will keep their nervous system keen and in good working order. The stimulation helps their skin and coat health, while it also helps to remove excess fur that can get all over your furniture. A good rub-down helps to relieve a dog’s boredom as well. Often times, as a pup gets older, they may become less active. Massages keep their mind stimulated and help refresh them so that they can continue to enjoy time with you. With a good massage, you can help your pup to maintain a healthy heart.

Stimulate the nervous system

Another advantage of massaging is that it helps to stimulate the nervous system in your doggy. With the blood flowing well, so do the sensations. A pup tends to loose feeling in their paws as they get older. Massages can help stimulate the nerves and keep them on all four feet, so that they are not compensating to keep weight off their paws. Therapy related massages can also keep the fluid flowing between the joints of an older dog. This is especially helpful because arthritis tends to attack these areas and cause your canine friend pain. They may not show it because they will shift their weight, and make their other legs work harder to compensate. Massaging can also be beneficial to digestion in your pups belly. The rubbing helps food along the digestive track and keeps their body working well. By making sure they get a good rubbing, you can keep them lively and happy on your afternoon walks.

You may ask of therapists or your veterinarian questions about what you can do to massage your pup at home. Find out what kind of techniques you can use to help keep them healthy and active. Keep in mind that you will want to know what areas are sensitive, and spots to avoid while massaging, so that you don’t irritate, or hurt your four-legged friend. Inquire what areas you should concentrate on and how to massage them. This is very helpful especially during recovery and the healing process after surgery.

Emotional benefits

Overall, a good therapeutic massage has many healthy benefits for your canine friend. And, there’s also the emotional benefits, too.  By rubbing and massaging between visits, you can build a solid bond with them, and keep them happy. Massaging keeps your pup in the best of form as they enjoy a long healthy life with you.

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