When Your Partner Interferes With House Training

It can be a difficult time when your pup first joins your family. Training is the starting point of the relationship and can decide how your pup will continue to act in your household. Outside interference can obstruct the training process and side track your canine companion, preventing them from learning to cope in the new environment.

Family disagreements

photoThrough the training process, it is crucial that your pup develop a bond with your other family members. Ensure that everyone is involved in the training process, so that your four-legged friend can develop a bond with everyone. This helps to prevent insecurities while you are away. If you are the only person in the household the pup trusts, when you leave they may feel abandoned and express trepidation by destroying furniture or relieving themselves in the house. It can get messy, so you want to avoid the situation by building your pup’s trust with your partner.

There are pheromone collars that can help when a pup seems nervous around your partner. There are also nutritional supplements that you can ask your vet about to help keep your four-legged friend a little less nervous. If there still seem to be problems with your pup misbehaving and acting out when your partner is around, you may consider consulting the vet to check if there are any physical reasons or problems. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Lack of trust

If your partner and other family members seem to cause a disturbance with your pup, it may simply be because there is a lack of trust amongst them. You and other family members should use a leash to walk the pup around in the park regularly. The sights, smells and experience have been proven to help create a bond between the pup and the person at the end of the leash. Canines associate all the pleasure and fun with whoever is walking them. If there is still a problem, allow your partner or family member to offer the pup the treats from now on. This will help the pup to understand that they are also a companion.

Taking the time to train your pup as a team will greatly improve your canine friends bond with your family. Keep your pup happy with all the love your family has to offer.

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