Why You Should Dress Your Dog

photoA dog donning a sweater or Halloween costume looks cute, but there are other reasons to dress your pooch aside from making him the most adorable and fashionable canine in the neighborhood.

* Small dogs get cold more quickly than larger breeds, and they feel it more acutely. A warm little sweater or coat on a cold day can make being outside a more pleasant experience for your tiny pooch. If you’re shivering in the cold, then it’s very likely that so is he.

* Canine boots do more than just make people go “aww” – they protect your pet’s feet from the elements, especially during the winter when he has to walk on snow, ice, and salt, which can damage your dog’s paw pads. Rugged boots designed for rough terrain are great for dogs that walk and run on such surfaces, i.e. those used for tracking or hunting. Boots can keep painful, cracked pads at bay.

* Dogs can also get sunburned. Clothes protect your pet from the sun, be they thin outfits in the summer or warm garments in the winter. Like humans, canines with pink skin and light hair are more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Also consider putting sunscreen on your dog’s ears, nose, and tummy if you’re planning to spend much time in the sun. You can ask your vet to recommend a brand that will work well on your pet.

* Raincoats protect your dog during rainy weather. While his fur can guard him against water, it has its limits. Once the fur gets too wet, your pooch will feel cold faster. Short-haired breeds are more vulnerable to rain and wet conditions than their long-haired buddies.

So before you write off dog clothing as something pointless, think of how you feel when you go from the nice, warm indoors to the cold outdoors. If your dog lives inside your home with you, he’s used to the same environment. You wouldn’t go outside in the middle of winter or head out during rainy weather wearing just your normal clothes and a pair of flip-flops, so make sure that your pet is also dressed appropriately at all times!

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