You and Your Dog’s Weight

photoWeight problems are not uncommon in our canine companions, and dog owners usually find it difficult to keep their overweight pets in shape. Modern feeding methods can sometimes add extra weight, as well as the many misconceptions owners have about how much and how often they should feed their dogs.

First, you have to consider how much food your pet actually requires. To fully comprehend our canine friends’ needs, we have to look at how wild dogs survive and what they eat.

In the wild, dogs live on rabbits, rodents, berries, and by scavenging. They only eat once a day on average, sometimes two to three days between meals. Domestic dogs’ systems are built on this same pattern of eating.

If we feed our dogs every day, they will store fat for lean times. However, if there is no lean time, they will only get fatter and fatter. Hence, feeding them two to three times a day will lead to obesity.

An adult dog needs only one average size meal per day, and ideally should completely abstain from food one day per week to help burn excess fat. Canines should not be given sweets as these will only increase their risk of obesity.

Grown dogs should not be given cow’s milk, as it is far too rich and can cause gastric issues. However, if you would still like to give your dog some milk, go for the special brands of dog milk, which can be bought at supermarkets. If your pet is overweight, be aware of how much you give him.

Several folks believe that desexing causes obesity in dogs. This is not completely true, since it is only the animal’s interest in food that increases after desexing. Owners of desexed canines should keep their pets’ food intake the same as before. Instead, you can offer raw bones, which will satisfy even the hungriest dog without adding any fat.

Various brands of diet dog food, which can help your pooch lose weight, are also available. Bear in mind that dogs that are the right weight tend to live longer and have a more active and enjoyable life.

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