You Can Ring My Bell, Ring My Bell

Melodies from the late 70’s and early 80’s fill my head when I look at the title of this post.  And, yet it has been a super cool way that my sister and I have trained our Chihuahuas.

It started one day after Christmas when we were taking down Christmas ornaments.  I am one of those hokey Christmas people who don themselves with a holiday sweatshirt and even a bell necklace during the season.  So, I hung that bell around the handle of the backdoor just for a place to put it so that it wasn’t getting in the way (nor incessantly ringing whilst I packed ornaments).  Our pooch, Rocky, needed to go outside – so I opened the back door and in doing so “rang the bell.”

For the next week, the bell stayed there.  Too many holiday happenings and to much decluttering to put boxes and new found treasures away, that I didn’t even recall the bell.  As, it was hanging there, one afternoon, Rocky stood up on his hind legs and “rang the bell” that he need to go outside! What a huge epiphany for me! He had found another tool for communication!

Fast forward to gifting my sister and her husband their new baby Chihuahua a couple of years later.

They were having trouble with potty training, Li’l Bit (he was such a tiny guy)!  So, I shared the bell suggestion.  Li’l Bit would hear it when she would take him out for a walk or to go potty.  And, she would also put him through the motions of hitting the bell and praise him when he did!

Pretty soon, he was “ringing the bell!”

And, now that’s his signal to his “parents” – even if he just wants to go outside and have a look around (we know who rules that roost <smile>)!

If you’re looking for another way to communicate with your four-legged family member, perhaps they can “ring your bell.”

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