Your Dog, Your Life

photoWhy do you have your dog in your life? Is it to keep you company? Be there whenever you want them to be there? Well, consider this- are you there for your pup when they need you? Dogs are social, loving animals, and do a great job of keeping us company. Pups aren’t separate from your life, they are a part of it. A part of your family that often doesn’t care what’s going on, as long as they’re with you. So, consider a few ways you can involve your dog in your life.

Travel companion

Holidays, vacation, work! Getting away from the house doesn’t mean that you have to leave your faithful companion on the front porch as they wave goodbye. Dogs love to explore the world they live in, and when it’s with you, it’s even better.

Holidays aren’t the time to forget your faithful companion, their tail wagging with the joy of the season. A pup tagging along on your trip isn’t going to be a matter of luggage, but of friendship. Just don’t forget to stop on occasion to let that rascal take care of business- and always keep them on a leash when in unfamiliar territory.

Work can be a little grueling, but on occasion, we take a trip to new lands. While leaving your pup at home sounds like a good idea, a friend in a new place might be a better idea. There is the concern of whether or not your hotel or housing will be pet friendly, but it is possible to find a location online. Bring some of their favorite toys and something to keep them busy while meetings keep you busy.

Exercise for the both of you

People often complain that they don’t have enough time to walk their pup, but instead of separating your exercise time, combine walkies with your exercise plans for a healthy experience for the both of you. Pups won’t complain about a daily walk, and in fact, will love the time together. During a walk, a special bond is actually formed between the pup and the person on the other end of the leash. It may sound strange, but dogs actually become closer to their owner when you take them for a walk.

Dogs are habitual creatures who love routine, so getting out there for your daily walk isn’t going to be a problem of motivation. Your pal shows up, leash in mouth, waiting for that “together” time of day. You won’t find yourself putting your daily exercise off with the best exercise companion around.

Exercise isn’t limited to just the classic walk, play time gets our hearts pumping as well. A good game of Frisbee in the park or just fetch in the yard makes that rascal happy and gets them moving as well.

Social time

Pups aren’t there to stop you from going out and socializing. If anything, this is exactly the talent that pups excel at. They are themselves very social, even if they don’t do much talking. People are actually more likely to socialize and interact when they’re with their pup. Perhaps it has to do with a sense of security that they feel when their companion is around to help build self-esteem and start conversations.

When we truly understand what it is to be a dog owner, we find that perhaps it isn’t a matter of owning your dog- it’s about living together in companionship. While they are in charge of keeping you safe and happy, you are just as responsible for their safety and happiness as well.

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